Anna here!  I have a crafting version of the cute backpacks that are out this season.  Bold prints, flaps and big pockets is what I’m going for! 

This is also an unsuspecting repurpose craft because I combined the duck tape with a little something in disguise.  It’s a little shortcut to get the cute shape of the backpack!

Of course this little backpack fits on the doll nicely and it even sits on the floor nicely.  See how cute?!

Okay, let’s dive right in and take a look at all the supplies without any disguises!  What?  You want to know how Craisins slipped into the picture?  Keep reading to find out!


  • felt
  • chalk
  • scissors
  • flat bottom food packaging washed and dried (You know, the Craisins!)
  • duck tape
  • glue

The base of this backpack is a flat bottom food package.  It is the secret ingredient because you won’t know it’s even there, but it is what easily gives this backpack a cute shape!   Mine is a Craisins package.  With a look around the grocery store it’s easy to spot many foods sold in packaging like this.  You may already have one in your pantry!  I came across it sold with nuts, dried fruit, and candy.  The width of the package will determine the size of the finished backpack.  This packaging all flattened out measured 5″ wide.  The finished backpack measures 3 1/2″wide and 4″ tall.  


Cut the top of the packaging so it measures 4″ tall.  On each side, the packaging has a little flange where it is sealed together.  Glue the flange down on each side towards the back of the packaging.  It will make the sides more rounded.

We want the backpack to taper a little at the top but still have a wide enough opening to put books in.  We are going to take a little tuck in on the top back edge of each side.  Set the packaging in front of you.  Pinch the back corner of each side.  Glue it in place and repeat with the other side.

We are ready to add the duck tape!  Start with a piece of duck tape on each pinched corner.  You want to place it carefully on the corners, avoiding major wrinkles in the tape.

Place strips of tape down into the inside of the backpack to line it.

Cut a piece of felt about 3″x 2 1/2″.  Round the 2 bottom edges.  Glue it along the top back edge of the backpack.

Press the backpack front and back opening together, creating a pleat in the middle of the sides.

For the pockets, fold a piece of duck tape, so it is double sided, and cut out two rectangles that are 1 5/8″x1 3/8″ for the pockets and two rectangles that are 1 3/8″ x 1″ for the flaps.  Glue the two rectangles on the bottom edge, hanging down.  Fold the rectangles up and glue them on the sides.   These pockets are mostly ornamental because we glued them.  I slipped a key in them and they stay put, but if you wanted to fill them or take things in and out, then you would need to attach them with a little duck tape. 

Glue the two flaps, that you cut out earlier, on the top edge, facing up.  They will bend down to close. Add a piece of felt to the underside of each flap (when it is folded down).  Fold down the flap and trim a little off of each side to give the flap a little felt border (Look at finished pics to see an example of this.).

Lay down strips of duck tape to cover the top felt flap.  Be sure to position it, leaving an 1/8″ border.  To get it the right size I marked the duck tape, pulled it off of the felt, and trimmed it to size.  If you don’t press the tape firmly to the felt, it pulls up easily and trims easily.  When it is trimmed to the right size, glue it in place.

Cut a little strip for the backpack loop, and longer strips for the backpack straps.  Here are the measurements for mine, but you may need to adjust it if your backpack is a different size then mine.

  • loop- 1 1/2″x 3/16″
  • straps (cut 2)- 8″x 3/8″

Glue the loop to the center, top of the backpack.  Attach one side of the strap at a slight angle overlapping the loop.  Do the same on the other side with the second strap.  Cut a strip of felt to lay over this section, sandwiching the straps and loop against the backpack.

Secure the bottom of the straps on the bottom of the backpack with a piece of duck tape.

Glue rolls of tape to the underside of each flap.  This works as a closure.  Cut and glue little strips of felt to add detail to each flap. 

It’s ready to be loaded with books!

Morgan’s ready for another year of school!

 It is oh-so-fun to repurpose something!  In this case the Craisins package went from trash to treasure because it was the key to this backpacks cute shape! 

Just in case you are interested, here is a little more about today’s post.

  • Doll-Morgan is AG #25
  • Scene- Locker tutorial is here.

Look, repurpose, play!