Doll craft - how to make cat toys

Today I am sharing four cat crafts you can make for your Dolly Cats. I recently adopted a cat from our local shelter and she is a big fan of cat toys! Here are my cat crafts that are inspired by some of the toys our family cat enjoys. Thank you to those of you who suggested cat toys on the comment section of my post last Friday! I hope you will enjoy today’s crafts.

To make today’s cat crafts you will the following items.

Fancy Cat Collar:

  • Duck tape
  • Gem stickers
  • Peel and sticky back Velcro
  • Scissors
  • A ruler or measuring tape

Fish on a Stick Toy:

  • A stir stick or Popsicle stick
  • Duck tape or clear tape to attach the string/cord
  • String or leather jewelry cording (I got mine at the dollar store)
  • Gem Stickers for eyes
  • Scissors

Ball of Yarn Toy:

  • Yarn
  • Scissors
  •  Glue (I used a hot glue gun for today’s craft but you can use craft glue.) 

Toy Mouse:

  • Grey Felt
  • Pink Felt
  • Piece of Yarn or string for the mouse tail
  • Gem Stickers for eyes
  • Glue Gun or craft glue ( A glue gun works faster but craft glue can be used as well)
  • Scissors

Craft 1 – How to make a Fancy Cat Collar

Doll craft - how to make cat toys

Just like my craft last Friday this is an easy craft for a cat collar.

Step 1– Measure your cat’s neck

Step 2– Cut from the duck tape a piece as long as your cat’s neck measurement plus ½ inch

Step 3– Fold the tape over as shown in the photo above

Step 4– Cut a small piece of  sticky back Velcro and place it on the collar to secure it around your pet’s neck

Step 5- Remove the collar from your cats neck and decorate the collar with gem stickers. Then replace on your cat

Craft 2 – How to make a Fish on a Stick Cat Toy

Doll cat toys

Step 1- Gather your supplies

Step 2– Unroll enough tape to cover your stick and leave about 1 inch of tape over hanging

Step 3– Cut 10 inches of string or cord and place one end on the stick as shown in the photo above

Step 4– Cut a small piece of tape to cover and hold the string to the stick

Step 5– Trim the excess from your stick. Set aside and save this to become the strap for your doll to hold.

Step 6– Cut out a fish shape from duck tape or paper and attach it with more tape to the bottom of your string as shown in the photo above

Step 7– Put gem sticker eyes on your fish

Step 8– Put the stick in your doll’s hand and decide where you would like the strap. Once decided use the tape trim you cut earlier to wrap around the dolls hand. Secure in place with more tape.

Craft 3 – How to Make a Ball of Yarn:

Step 1– Wind some yarn or string around your fingers working it into a ball as shown in the photos above, leave a bit of yarn showing and cut from the larger ball.

Step 2– Once you have your ball the size you would like use a dab of glue to hold the ball together at the string end. I used hot glue for instant results. You could use a glue dot or craft glue as well.

Craft 4 – Make a Mouse Toy:

Step 1– Cut out almost a heart shape out of a folded piece of grey felt, think tear drop shape.

Step 2– Cut another tear drop shape out of a non folded piece of felt as shown in the 2nd photo above.

Step 3– Add a line of glue along the rounded edge of one side, then pinch together like a fortune cookie.

Step 4– Run a line of glue around the fortune cookie shape and press the remaining tear drop shape onto the line of glue. Carefully press your seams closed. You should have almost a “football shape” felt mouse body

Step 5- Cut three inches of yarn or string

Step 6– Slide one end of that yarn into one end of your felt football shape. Secure with glue and knot the other end of the yarn

Step 7– Cut out two small triangle ears

Step 8-Fold the triangle ears in half and use glue to secure the triangles ears to the felt.

Step 9- Cut a small pink triangle for the mouse’s nose. Secure with glue

Step 10– Add your gem stickers as eyes.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post!

Today I used my AG doll Chrissa, my niece Laura’s AG cat Praline and my Son’s plush cats.

Have a great week!