Little details are fun to add to a doll space.  This little lamp is bright and bold and has a little shimmer.  It is sure to be a fun splash of color in your doll scenes!

Since it is made out of repurposed items from around the house, it is so easy!

Of course you can paint it in the color you love for your doll space!

I couldn’t decided what color, so I made two, one in blue and one in orange!

Let’s take a look at everything you’ll need.


  • craft paint (I’m using blue and orange paint and blue and orange Folk Art Extreme Glitter paint)
  • buttons
  • white lid from a spray can (for example, a cleaning can or spray paint can)
  • little bottles (In the photo there are various bottles about the same size that would work. Pictured, are food coloring bottles, a small hand sanitizer bottle and a craft paint bottle.)
  • foam craft brush
  • glue

To get started, wash out the little bottle you are using and let it dry.  This time I’m using food coloring bottles.

Paint the bottle until well covered, allowing it to dry between coats.

Leave it a solid color or add a final coat of glitter paint.

Now let’s make the lamp shade.  We are using a lid from a spray can for the shade.  Try it on the little bottle you are using.  This lid sits a little too low on the bottle.

To raise it up a little we are going to use buttons.  Glue buttons, one at a time, in the center of the underside of the lid.

As you add buttons, keep trying the lid on the bottle to check the lamp shade height.

When it is the right height, place glue on the final button and center the shade on the top of the bottle.  That’s it, the lamp is finished!  What do you think?  Orange?

Or Blue?


Ooo, I love both!  I can’t decide!  I guess I’ll have to use both!  Today it’s blue for this scene.

One of these days I will swap it out for the cheery orange lamp!

Too fun!  With just a few items from around the house and a little paint we have a doll size lamp to add to a doll scene!

Just in case you are interested, here is a little more about today’s post.

  • Doll-Saige, AG GOTY 2013
  • OutfitCozy Play Dress for Dolls from AG
  • Scene– Scrapbook paper backdrop. Table information is here.  Sparkly egg instructions are here.

Repurpose for play!