DIY Doll BBQ from Felt

I love making doll play items, especially from items you can easily find in your local dollar or craft store. Today I want to show you a felt BBQ I made from felt I purchased at my dollar store and some cotton batting. Start to finish my doll BBQ will cost under $3 to make.

All of the items I am using can be purchased at your dollar store or craft store for very little cost. At my dollar store I can buy four sheets of felt for $1.25 and a bag of cotton balls for $1.25 to use as the stuffing if you do not have cotton batting. I have used a hot glue gun to create my BBQ but you can also sew yours or use white craft glue (it just takes a bit longer to dry).

For the food you can use the stickers from the American Girl Doll Dining book to create the food to BBQ (or you can use images from your local grocery store flyer or print out images from your computer) and then glue them to pieces of fun foam as suggested in the American Girl Doll Dining book.  By the way,  I love this book and highly recommend it!

American Girl Doll Dining Book

To create the outside of the doll BBQ I used a piece of red felt. You can use any color you want (black if you want it to look like a real BBQ), but I used red so it was easy to see in photos.

DIY BBQ for dolls craft

I took a whole piece of the felt and folded the sides into the middle (like you would do if you were making a paper airplane) then I ran my finger over the edges – this is called finger pressing. I then folded the ends in to the middle the same width as the sides and finger press. When I make my four small cuts this will fold easily into a box.
Next I open the felt and I can see where I finger pressed. I cut two inches into the side of the felt where I see my fold lines meet. I repeat on all four sides. Next I fold in the ends to create a “box” I used four straight pins to hold it into place. Now you can sew or glue your corners and remove the pins.

Next I turned over the box onto a piece of the black felt leaving about an inch of black felt sticking out all the way around I trimmed the excess of the end of the sheet of felt. (You can save this for another craft later).

DIY Doll craft picnic

Then I took my gray sheet of felt and cut strips. These will make the black look like a grill top.  Cut your strips first and lay them where you want on the felt before gluing. I made my strips about ½ wide – you can make them thinner if you would like. Then I glued the grill down. I cut an extra piece of gray to go across my grill but you do not have to.

When the felt grill top is dry you can begin gluing it inside your box. Glue on three sides and let dry. Add the cotton batting (or cotton balls) to you box through the open end. When it is stuffed to your liking glue the remaining open end of your BBQ closed. Let it dry while you work on your food for grilling.

When it is dry you can set up your grill by placing it on a doll table or cardboard box and lay your fun foam food or other doll food you may have on top and set up your July 4th Doll BBQ and invite all your doll friends.

I look forward to sharing with you more doll play ideas next week!

By Karen of Karen Mom of Three