doll craft how to make doll sized cake pops

Today’s post has been inspired by all the wonderful cake pops I have been seeing in the holiday magazines. I thought they would be fun and easy to make for our dolls.  This is an easy craft – with one trip to the dollar store and less than $3, you can create enough Dolly cake pops for your dolls and your dolls friends! 

doll sized cake pops supplies

The supplies you need to make the doll sized cake pops are:

  • Small White Styrofoam balls (my dollar store sold a multi pack so I bought it and will use the other ones for a craft in the future!)
  • Glitter Glue
  • Tooth picks
  • *Some floral foam, egg carton or cardboard box to put your cake pops in to dry, small hair elastics for the dolls to hold their cake pops

Step 1– Push one end of your toothpick into one of the small styrofoam balls

Step 2– Continue until you make as many as you need (or have supplies for)

Step 3– Decorate your cake balls! I started at the top and twirled the toothpick while I put the glitter glue on. There is no wrong way to make these, you can add more than one color, cover the entire ball or just swirl like I did.

doll sized cake pops

Step 4– Continue to decorate your other Dolly cake pops, then push the other end of the toothpick into some floral foam or into a foam egg carton to dry. I let mine dry over night, but about 4 hours is enough drying time.

make cake pops for dolls

Step 5– Use small clear elastics to help your doll hold her cake pop. My toothpicks were pointy on both ends so if you would like you can trim the pointy part off, or leave it as is.

easy doll sized cake pops

I made mine in holiday colors red, green for Christmas,  blue and silver  for Hanukkah but you can use any color you would like to create holiday pops for your dolls in the holiday colors you celebrate. Pink and purple would also look great for Valentine’s Day or an everyday doll party! 

Today the dolls I used were:

  • Ruthie American Girl Doll
  • Olivia Springfield Doll
  • Arianna Harmony Club Doll
  • Stacy my Maplelea Friend Doll
  • Dolls are sitting in the chair and couch I made  in my Stylish Seat post 
  • Dolls are photographed in my Yellow Historical American Doll Room 

 I look forward to sharing more craft ideas with you next week.