Doll Craft How to Make a Tea Table for Dolls

There are so many things you can make for your dolls using items you already have or by recycling empty boxes, cardboard and containers. Today we are going to make a table for 18″ dolls using left over cardboard.

How to make a recycled doll table

Here is what you need to make a table of your own for your dolls.

How to make a recycled doll table

You will need:

  • 1 round piece of cardboard (mine is from our frozen pizza from the other night)
  • thick cardboard from a packing box (if you use cereal box it will not be strong enough to hold a porcelain tea set)
  • a ruler
  • scissors
  • a marker or pen

How to make a recycled doll table

Step 1– open your box and measure 8 inches down 8 inches across on your cardboard and cut it out. You will need two of these squares.

How to make a recycled doll table

Step 2– Find the center of your squares with a ruler by measuring 4 inches down and four inches across. Make a slit in each square.

How to make a recycled doll table

Step 3–  slide your squares together as shown, this creates your table’s base

How to make a recycled doll table

Step 4– Place your pizza circle on top of your table base and your table is ready to use. You can tape it into place but if you do not, you can easily store your table flat when you are not using it!

How to make a recycled doll table

Leave your table plain and just add an easy table cloth for your new tea table by using a napkin, cloth or paper – OR – get super creative and paint your table or cover it with fun duct tape to match your doll decor. Add your tea set and invite a friend to tea!

I have used my favorite doll sized tea set from The Queen’s Treasures in this post!

I hope you enjoyed today’s craft and that you will have fun making it!


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  1. i love this Karen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i just have to do this to day!!

  2. cool going to try it secondie

  3. Cute!

  4. Thanks ladies! I hope you have fun making it! If you do not have a pizza round you can use a square as well.

  5. Thanks Karen; I’m going to do this soon. Love all your amazing doll craft ideas!

  6. I love it thanks.

  7. Thank you so much Karen!!!!!!!! My birthdays coming up and im having a doll party and crafts and our dolls need a table to make some crafts :)

  8. Pretty Irish AG says:

    I think that would be so cool

  9. caroline says:

    hmm, my friend is coming over tomorrow to help plan my AG themed birthday party. Maybe we could make that for the dolls.

  10. caroline says:

    chloe- same here! :)

  11. caroline, is your birthday in may or april? mines in may

  12. Karen, instead of a pizza circle< can we use a paper plate? just wonderin'

  13. Hi Marina, That might work too! I have not tried it, have fun trying it out!

  14. This is one I’m going to try. I had frozen pizza for supper last night. The cardboard is a pretty decent size, and I think it’s almost the size of a standard doll table.

  15. My family sells tea sets for dolls in our Etsy, which is the link my name links to. I love this craft, it is a great idea!

  16. caroline says:

    mines in april, my party is in less than a week

  17. Mine is in April too! Just a week or so away! Happy Birthday to all of you!

  18. caroline says:

    thanks, mine is in a week and a half. Happy birthday to you to

  19. happy soon birthdya karen. I LOVE your blog

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