Halloween banquet table for dolls

Setting the perfect table for your dolls Halloween Party can be easy and a fun way to prepare for the holidays. In today’s post I wanted to show you some fun ways you can add to your doll play collection with items you may have already around the house that will help your dolls enjoy Halloween as much as you do.

I love the new Banquet Table & Treats from American Girl. As we celebrate Halloween I thought this Celebration deserved a party and including the cake. I have made a copy cat crafts that you can easily make with items you may have at home.

American Girl Banquet Table

First let’s make the celebration cake.

Doll cake

For the Cake I used:

  • 3 different sized white lids from Vitamin bottles and one from a prescription bottles that were empty (get your parent’s permission first and be sure to have them wash the lids thoroughly)
  • 1 Orange juice lid (my favorite Green ones) They make great serving platters when they are turned upside down!
  • Some craft ribbon (mine had pearls on it)
  • Craft flower ribbons (small)
  • A small Yellow Butterfly as the cake topper
  • 1 glue gun and three glue sticks

how to make fancy doll cake

  • First stack the lids to see how they will look.
  • Add a ring of glue where you think the second layer should rest
  • Press down the second lid and hold it until it dries. Add the third layer the same way.

fancy doll cake

  • Glue the ribbon around the layers.
  • Trim the small flowers and add a puddle of glue on the top layer and push the flowers down.
  • When they are dry add a butterfly topper.

I love how it turned out. Flip over a green orange juice lid and you have a perfect cake stand!

Let’s make a punch bowl!

I also made a punch bowl and cups using a Mott’s apple sauce container, some flower embellishments from the dollar store and some 1 oz plastic shot glasses from the dollar store.

doll sized punch bowl

Glue the embellishments around the cup and the 1 oz shot glass

doll party

How to make Sponge Cake

doll sized sponge cake

  • Using a kitchen sponge and some pink fun foam you can easily makee a sponge cake!
  • Glue the fun foam to the sponge and make a “sandwich”
  • Then cut out cake pieces and glue a flower embellishment like I did on the Celebration cake

Make a fancy Croquembouche

The “ Croquembouche” is a traditional cream puff pastry that you will see on the table that looks like a Christmas tree but is made here with pompoms.

It is easy to make and I have used another lid from my orange juice to make the base and I have glued the pompoms to the base and each other forming the “Croquembouche.” You can easily create your own using pompoms, I used orange but you can use any color you want.

croquembouche for dolls

To create a great buffet table for your dolls Halloween party I recommend using items you may already have at home and that you may have already made from previous posts here on Doll Diaries.

To give height to your dishes you can always turn over a small glass or in this case I used extra plastic 1 oz cups from the dollar store as I got 30 in a package and then I placed one of my doll sized plates on top.  You can use other lids from shampoo bottles or other lids you may have around the house to help give height to your table.

I also highly recommend that you put the American Girl Doll book Doll Parties on your wish list, it is a great book with lots of fun ideas and great doll play accessories that are ready to use.

I also made Halloween cookies like I did in the bakery post from September 16ths post, only using pumpkin and jack-o-lantern fun foam stickers.

I hope you have enjoyed today’s post and hope you enjoy your Halloween. Stop by next Friday for more doll craft fun with Karen of Karen Mom of Three!