doll craft breakfast tray

This is the time of year where people come down with the flu or cold regularly. As part of the 100 Days of Doll Play series, Char showed you how to make some items like a tissue box and thermometer for your doll sick day, and today’s craft shows you how to make a tray and more items to help your doll feel better. This Get Well set is fun and easy to do with items you may already have on hand. Pipe cleaner handles make this tray easy for dolls to hold and share with their sick friends.

Doll Sized tea tray craft

To make today’s Get Well tray craft you will need:

  • A ruler
  • Cardboard or card stock paper
  • scissors
  • tape
  • paper
  • Printer to print these cards and soup (or draw your own)
  • lid from a bottle (soda lid, oil lid, milk lid, medicine bottle lid)
  • glue stick
  • stickers
  • marker lid
  • Two pipe cleaners
  • small flower bud
  • optional – tea pot and tea cup and saucer

Step 1-First use your ruler to measure out your tray use a piece of paper to make your pattern. Measure a rectangle that is 8 inches wide and 6 inches high. Cut out your paper pattern. Fold in the edges of your paper 1 inch this will create your sides.

Step 2- Use your scissors to cut in one inch at each corner as shown in the photo above in pink. Transfer your markings to your cardboard and cut out.

Step 3– Fold the cut edges inside the tray, tape into place, repeat on all four sides.

Step 4– Fold a pipe cleaner in half and cut it. Round each half into a U shape these will be your handles.

Step 5– Tape these into place.

Step 6 – Use stickers or makers to decorate the outside of your tray.

Step 7 –  Trace the bottom of your tray onto a piece of paper, I chose pink, cut it out and glue it into the bottom of your tray


Step 8- To make the flower in a vase I used three inches of pipe cleaner, a small flower bud and the lid of a marker that had dried up.  Cut the pipe cleaner so it will sit in your marker lid. Then attach the flower by pushing the pipe cleaner in the hole under the bud. Place in your marker lid and place on your tray. *You could use paper to create your own flower and tape it onto the pipe cleaner.

Step 9– Make your doll a bowl of chicken soup. First print and cut out the chicken soup (click here for the document). Then cut out the soup so it fits the lid you have chosen to use. Next using a tape loop attach the soup image to the bottom of the “bowl” you have chosen and place it on your tray.

Step 10– Cut out the images for the get well cards. I folded them into cards but you can cut them out completely and then glue them to card stock to make them last longer. Place them on your doll’s tray. 

American Girl Ruthie

I used a Tea Set I had from the Dollar Store. When I am feeling ill, I have soup and tea and am soon feeling better I hope your dolls will feel better with this easy to make Get Well Set!

Dolls used today include American girl doll Ruthie, Maplelea Friend “Stacy”, Mini AG doll Ivy. Doll room by American Doll Rooms