First of all – I’m BACK!!! We got in at 2:45 am and I am exhausted, but luckily Anna has this wonderful craft for you to work on while I get my Toy Fair reports together.


If heart boxes and Valentines go hand in hand then we certainly can’t forget the chocolates!  Little chocolates all in a row, displayed neatly in a little heart box.  

How to make doll sized felt chocolates

These little chocolate morsels are made of felt.  I love felt food.  I like the look of it.  I like the feel of it.  I like how simple it is to make.  Best of all, it just seems to invite play! 

These little chocolates can be stored neatly, I’ll show you how!  Or they can sit on a plate or tray ready to be served up!  Make 2 or fill your heart box with 20! 

If you would like to give it a try, I’d love to walk you through how I made these yummy, nummy chocolates!  As always, my instructions are very detailed so you can read it, and see it, and follow along!  Let’s take a look at what you’ll need.


Felt Chocolate

To get started, draw a circle on a piece of paper that is about 1” wide.  Cut it out and use it as a pattern to cut circles out of the felt.  Cut one circle for each chocolate you want to make.

To make this circle into a chocolate we are going to use the same easy, easy, running stitch and back stitch we used on the ruffle heart pillow here (  Take a look at the link if you need more instructions or details.  

Now on to the chocolates!  Tie a knot and start with a back stitch.  Continue around the circle with a running stitch. 

Making a Piece of Felt into a Chocolate

1.Now pull the thread and watch it gather up the fabric into a tight circle.  

2.Pull it tight and hold it between you fingers, not letting it loosen.

3.While holding it tight, stitch close to where the thread is coming out and pass the needle through the loop of the stitch, tying a knot.  Tie 3 of these knots to make sure it is nice and secure. 

4.Turn the chocolate upright with the gathered side facing down. 

5.Smash it flat with your finger. 

6.It is ready to go!

Add a little detail with puffy paint and a toothpick.  I added some stripes of “dark chocolate”.  

2. The Chocolate Tray

These chocolates stand on their own and will be a fun addition to your doll treats and sweets.  If you want to make a display tray for them to sit in your heart shaped valentines box (, I will show you how.

Take the bottom of the heart box.  It is important that you use the bottom, the side that fits inside the lid.  Place it upside down on a piece of cardboard and trace the rim.  Cut out the heart shape and trim it until it fits inside the bottom of the heart box. 

Making a Plan for the Tray

  1. Draw a grid of dots on the cardboard heart.  One dot for each chocolate.  Try to make it evenly spaced.  My grid has 20 dots for 20 chocolates.  Oh boy!  That’s a lot of felt chocolates!!!  
  2. After you are satisfied with the placement, go over the dots with a sharpie.
  3. Place strips of tape on both sides of the tray.
  4. Cut off the extra tape around the heart.
  5. Through the tape you will be able to see oh-so-faint dots from the black sharpie.
  6. With the black sharpie retrace those faint dots .

A Hole for Each Chocolate

  1. Hole punch right over each black dot.
  2. This hole is a tiny bit too small to fit the chocolates.  Take the hole punch and move it ever so slightly to the side of the hole you already punched, and punch it a tiny bit larger. 
  3. Try a chocolate in the hole.  It helps to grab the top and put the gathered side (the bottom) in at an angle.  It is a little snug so it will stay put!
  4. The bottom of the chocolates stick out the back side of the tray a little.  

Putting it All Together

1. Take a piece of tissue paper and crumple it into the bottom of the heart box.

2. Clear away the sticking up tissue paper by poking a pencil in each hole.

3. Now fill up your tray with chocolates.  You can take the tray out to fill it up or fill it up right in the heart box. 

These little felt chocolates look so cute as a “box of chocolates” for Valentines Day!  They will also be fun year-round because they come out of the display tray and make a fun doll treat!  

Add these yummy little morsels to your dolls sweets and treats!

Share some love this Valentines with these cute little doll sized chocolates! 

And just in case you are interested, here are a few more details from today’s post:

  • Doll: Kit (AG Historical)
  • Outfit: Repurposed from a girl’s shirt.  Designed and sewn for dolls by Anna.
  • Hairstyle: rope braid 
  • Scene: heart box, hot chocolate  

Make something, use your imagination, and play!  

Happy Valentines this week!