By Karen of Karen Mom of Three

Recently Prince William got married to Kate Middleton and the wedding was quite spectacular. I especially loved all the hats that the ladies were wearing in church for the ceremony. Did you know that it is customary to wear hats in church and to special occasions in Great Britain?  Facinators are a popular type of hat worn these days by fashionable young ladies. Today I would like to share with you how to make one of these fashionable head pieces for your doll and you can wear it too!

Fascinator hats for dolls craft

Fascinators date back to the late 1600’s and have quite a rich history. By the 1970’s however they almost disappeared from fashion all together in North American, however with the fashionable future Queen of England wearing them often to Royal occasions, they have made a huge come back.

Here is how to make your own – you or your doll can wear them to high tea even if it is only in your room!

how to make a fascinator

I made mine with simple items I found at the dollar store. I used felt which at my dollar store I can get 4 sheets for $1.25 and two bunches of artificial flowers; I also got some gem stickers and used a glue gun from the dollar store as well. You should only ever use a glue gun with the supervision and permission of an adult. You can use regular craft glue as well it just takes a bit longer to dry.

sewing for the fascinator

To attach them to the dolls hair I used metal hair clips that I stitched with needle and thread into the inside of the felt fascinator.

They are so easy and fun to make. You can add netting tulle like I have which you can usually find in the party section of the dollar store, and I have seen some made with feathers but I have not yet tried that.  Before I glue anything on the fascinator I usually lay it out first and decide where I want the pieces to go.

purple doll fascinator

I had so much fun making mine that I plan on wearing mine at my friend’s birthday party and every tea party I attend from now on!

I hope you like this idea and I look forward to sharing more doll play crafts and ideas with you next week.