Doll Craft – Easy Christmas Ornaments for Dolls

Doll craft Christmas ornaments

While the official kick off of the 31 More Days of Doll Play isn’t until tomorrow, your dolls can start getting in the holiday spirit now with this simple, yet adorable craft from Karen!

Let’s make Doll Image Keepsake Holiday Balls for your tree using items you may already have at home.


To make today’s craft you will need:

  • white craft glue
  • paint brush
  • scissors
  • a non-breakable holiday ball
  • images of your dolls you would like to use, print or cut out of magazine or use American Girl Stickers
  • ribbon or pipe cleaner to hang your holiday balls

Step 1– cut out your image out, choose one that will fit on the ball

Step 2– add glue to your ball and use the paint brush to spread the glue

Step 3– lightly press your image into the glue

Step 4– add more glue to the image with your paint brush, lightly brushing glue over your image

Step 5– let it dry completely (I left mine overnight)

Step 6– slip a ribbon or pipe cleaner, through the top of the Christmas Ball so it can be placed on the tree or in your dolls hand for display

Today I used:

I hope you enjoyed today’s quick craft!


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  2. I love it

  3. that is cute!

  4. fourthie! Cool! I’m hoping to get a doll Christmas tree up this weekend….if I can convince my Mom, lol…. :)

  5. Pretty Irish AG says:

    I should make one for all my dolls and Saige

  6. Cool! I have a doll x-mas tree! With doll sized bulbs!

  7. Today is my dad’s and bff’s birthday!

  8. kananirulz says:

    awesome! i will make sooner or later :)

  9. Cool!

  10. StoryTeller says:

    I’ve done this before, but not with doll pictures! That’s a cute idea.
    Ikea used to have little tiny Christmas balls that were the perfect size for AG dolls. I don’t know if they still do, though.

  11. kananirulz says:

    wierd, i left for the library 9ish and came back uh 3ish and i saw no new posts…

  12. There is another one coming up, but I do other things besides post on DollDiaries 😉

  13. kananirulz says:

    oh lol :) i’m working on school work 😉 I stopped by Wholefoods on the way home and got two little health bar samples. I will wash them and they’ll be chopsticks for Kanani 😉 P.S. i also got away with 3 california roll samples 😀

  14. I… forgot what i was going to say. But cool.

  15. This craft is awesome, Karen! 😀 I’m so excited for a month more of DOLL PLAY! XD

  16. kananirulz says:


  17. I cant wait for 31 days of doll play! Thx this is an awesome birthday present :) (my bday is tomorrow)

    This is adorable

  18. Char, I have a question. Do you know when Wilde Imagination’s next sale is going to be? I would just love to get Ellowyne Gilded Gloom; but they are just priced ridiculously and I don’t want to pay that much for one…. 😉

  19. Very cute! I love the finished photo with the girls holding their baubles!

  20. I don’t know. They just had their Black Friday sale. If I hear of it, I will post for you.

  21. OK Char! Thanks:)

  22. Thanks Ladies! Glad you like it! I can not wait for all the doll play ideas!

  23. Char can you show how to make doll gifts because i made some but i need alot make