Doll Craft: Duct Tape Doll Dress Tutorial

Have you seen all the great patterns that you can buy Duck tape in now?  Did you know you can make a doll dress and hat out of duct tape, too? Check this out!!

Hello Kitty Duck Tape Doll Dress

Is that not the cutest dress ever??? My good friend Jen, who is ridiculously talented, made this adorable Hello Kitty dress and hat for her daughter’s doll out of Duck tape.

Even better, Jen is letting us in on the How-To! Here’s how you can make a dress for your doll out of duct tape!

Materials you need:

  • The Duck® Brand Hello Kitty patterned duct tape
  • Wax paper
  • Scissors
  • Ruler or measure tape
  • VELCRO® brand adhesive fasteners

To make a duct tape doll dress:

Doll Duct Tape dress pattern

Tear off a sheet of wax paper approximately 13″ wide by 8 1/2″ tall. Cover on both sides with duct tape.

Cut as shown following these measurements:

  • Body of dress is 3 3/4″ wide.
  • Straps are 3″ long at the neck line and 4 1/2″ long at the armpit.
  • At the armpit, dip down a tiny bit when you cut (optional).

Doll Duck Tape dress pattern

doll duct tape dress how to

Tear off another sheet of wax paper approximately 20″ wide and 2″ tall. Cover both sides with duct tape. This will be the skirt ruffle.
Attach the skirt ruffle to the main dress using a long strip of duct tape. You need to pleat the ruffle as you attach it to the dress by folding the ruffle over itself as shown.

Hello Kitty duct tape dress


Duct tape dress pattern

Repeat to make additional skirt ruffles.
Add VELCRO to the back of the dress body and a small piece to each strap.

You can add as many ruffles as you’d like! I made one ruffle permanently attached to the dress and then made a second ruffle with it’s own VELCRO so it could be removed for a different look. You can mix and match different duct tape colors and patterns too. Have fun!

Visit to find out how to make the cute hat that coordinates with this Hello Kitty duct tape doll dress and enter to win $95 set of Westcott Brand© Cutting Tool, too.

Thanks to Jen Goode for sharing this tutorial with us. It is just amazing! What do you think?

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  1. Firstie!! wow that is cool!

  2. 2nd! way cool, I want to make one!

  3. Pretty Irish AG says:

    Hey Char, can you ask your friend, Jen, how to make one for AG dolls? I think I might make a blue one for Marie-Grace/Hayley if I get a four on the AP Bio test.

  4. Jen’s doll model is an 18″ vinyl doll so the measurements should work for American Girls too.

  5. This is fantastic!

  6. This is ssssssoooooooo CUTE!!!!!! I’m gonna go make one RIGHT now.

  7. Awwww! How cute!! Planning on making this over the weekend!! This would be a great Christmas gift!! Now if only I new how to make the bows… : )

  8. i have a duct tape dress for my doll. Sarah:) i know how to make the bows my sister can show me aguin and i can send some pics. :)

  9. wow! that is amazing!

  10. Oh my gosh! I’m going to the AG place for my b-day! *scream*

  11. Wow! Jen is very talented. That is cute!
    Sofie-Lucky duck! Can I come LOL XD you will have a blast.

  12. Sofie- i went to the AG store in Dallas Texas for my B-day in August. I had a BLAST! witch store are you going to?

  13. what brand is that doll?

  14. This is amazing! I actually have made some duct tape Barbie clothing for my sister. I would send some photos to you, Char, but sadly, I’m not allowed. Anyway, this dress is just the cutest and I am considering making one myself!

  15. One word: WOW

  16. wow this is sooo cute! Im definitely making one. I saww these 18 in doll and girl matching nightgowns at Kohl’s theyyy were soo cool i wanted to get some but instead me and my mom r going to fabric warehouse and my mom is going to make me some. Yayayayay! 😀

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    Thats all the faces I know! anyway,

    I <3 this dress!!!!

  18. Hey, I love the craft Karen! Also, will you guys please chack out my website! I have a photo contest, and I really would enjoy if i got some pictures in. There ARE PRIZES!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. WOW! That is all I can say! My friend Sophie really likes Hello Kitty so maybe I’ll make one for her Bitty Baby. I guess I would need to make it a tad wider…

  20. Hey! I was wondering, I didn’t get the last cataloug from AG so should i resend for them?? Thank you!!! : )

  21. too cute i luv this idea but where do you get the coluorful duck tape?

  22. Emily – you can get the colorful duck tape at most craft stores, Target and even some hardware stores