There are lots of chocolate eggs this time of year wrapped in lovely colored foils.  Eat the chocolate and save the foil!  Then repurpose that foil to make a lovely foil coated doll plate!

Easy Doll Plate made with Candy Foils

It’s a fun way to make a few special doll sized dishes for play!  At our house we have a set of small purple plates.  Now this purple foil serving plate is perfect to serve up pretend doll cookies!

Easy Doll Plate made with Candy Foils

Don’t worry if you don’t have a stash of colored foil!  With a little regular tin foil and even a little glitter you can make a fun version of this craft!

Just as a reminder before we get started, Mod Podge is non-toxic and safe to craft with but is not tested for food safety.  This craft is only for play and pretend. 

Let’s take a look at what we’ll need.

Easy Doll Plate made with Candy Foils Supplies:

  • colored foil from candy (optional-you can use regular tin foil)
  • cardboard
  • foam paintbrush
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • Mod Podge

To get started trace a circle on the cardboard.  I traced the bottom of the Mod Podge bottle.  This is your basic plate.  If you trace different size circles you will get different size plates.  I decided to add a decorative edge to one of the plates by sketching a scallop border.  Cut out the plate or plates you will make. 

Now on to that shiny colorful foil!  Mine are from little chocolate eggs.  Lay out the foil.  Smash the foil flat with a book, or piece of cardboard.  Don’t worry about smoothing it flat.  The foil I used was super thin and easily tore when I tried to smooth the foil pieces out flat.  Just smash it flat as possible, wrinkles and all!  Don’t sweat any tears or pieces that break off.  You can use any and all of it!  It doesn’t matter the size of the piece, as long as it is not to small to handle.  

Spread a layer of Mod Podge on the cutout cardboard.  Start spreading out pieces of the foil.  When it is covered in foil, allow it to dry.  When it is dry, add a layer of Mod Podge to coat the top.  Allow to dry.

When it is dry, turn the cardboard over and trim off overhanging foil.  Coat it one more time with Mod Podge.  Be sure to coat the edges that you just trimmed.

If you are using regular tin foil and you want to add a little color you can sprinkle on a little glitter while the Mod Podge is still wet.  In the example below, I added pink glitter on pink foil.  The glitter masks the wrinkles in the foil and makes a shiny, sparkly plate.  

Foil in one color, foil with a little glitter on top, foil in many colors!  They each have their own fun look!

This little serving plate is a fun addition to our doll dishes!

Not to mention, I sure had fun transforming candy wrappers into lovely little plates.

It’s fun to use what you have and make cute doll accessories for play!

Just in case you are interested, here are a few more details from today’s post!

Play to craft and craft to play!