DIY Doll Bakery Craft

Thanks to the requests from the wonderful readers at Doll Diaries, here is my first doll play bakery. I am calling it “Sugar and Spice Bakery” and you can easily make this set for your own doll play collection using items you may already have or can easily find at your local craft store, dollar store or in a thrift shop.

The Bakery Shelf is from Walmart, but I am sure you can find shelves like these at Target, the dollar store or other general merchandise stores. You will also need some serving dishes. I used the ramekins I had purchased from the dollar store along with other doll sized plates and serving dishes I already have. On my blog, I have shown how to make polymer clay cakes and treats and I used them to fill up some of my dishes, if you want to see how to make them you can check my blog out.

Today we will use Fun Foam and Felt to create;

  • Cherry Pie
  • Cinnamon Rolls
  • Chocolate Jelly Roll
  • Sugar Cookies

To create your own bakery items, you will need:

  • Dark brown fun foam
  • Tan fun foam
  • Red felt or red fun foam
  • White felt or fun foam
  • Green fun foam
  • Sparkly fun foam flower stickers
  • Glue (I used a glue gun as it dries so much faster)
  • Scissors
  • Large Red beads (if you want to make a cherry pie)

Doll Sized Cherry Pie

Doll craft - cherry pie

To make the cherry pie I used a small ramekin but you can use a small aluminum tart shell too, or you could also use a large white lid from a juice container or lid from a jar.

Cut out some tan fun foam to fit your dish. Next cut some strips to be the top of the pie. Cut out some red felt and glue it to the “pie crust”  and drop a few red beads in too. Then create the lattice by laying the strips across the top and trim. Glue three “cherries on top” and your pie is ready for the bakery!

Doll Sized Cinnamon Rolls

doll craft cinnamon rolls

I also made some cinnamon rolls using a ramekin from the set I made the lasagna out of, but you can fold some tinfoil to make a baking sheet if you can not find a ramekin.

To make these cinnamon rolls you will need some tan fun foam and some glue. I used my hot glue gun, but you can use white glue – it will just take longer to dry. Cut a 5 inch square of tan fun foam. Add a line of glue and fold over, then add more glue and roll and repeat. When the glue is dry, you can cut your cinnamon rolls to the size you would like.  I made mine about ½ inch and then filled my baking tray.

Doll Sized Chocolate Jelly Roll

DIY doll craft dessert

I made the Chocolate Jelly Roll the same way as I made the cinnamon rolls but did not cut the roll –  I left it long. As this is a traditional dessert that my husband’s side of the family has at Christmas time, I decorated it with white felt cut as icing and topped with a few green leaves and red berries cut out of fun foam.

Doll Sized Sugar Cookies

Doll Craft Sugar Cookies

Perhaps my most favorite and easiest treat to make today is the Sugar Cookie.  I found some great sparkly flower stickers from Michaels craft store which make great icing for the cookies. Put the stickers on the fun foam first then cut a circle around the fun foam to make the cookies! They are easy and fun to make. They look great in the little ramekins or you can arrange them on a small doll sized plate or on a tin foil cookie sheet you could make out of aluminum foil.

Enjoy the weekend! I look forward to sharing more ideas with you next week. ~ By Karen of Karen Mom of Three