Anna here!  Personalize your doll’s bed with a few decorative pillows!  Today we will use a monogram, or the first letter of a name.  “C” is for Caroline! 🙂

This is a easy and quick sewing project!  Let’s get started!

This is what you’ll need.


  • felt
  • cardstock
  • batting
  • needle
  • thread
  • chalk
  • scissors
  • glue (optional)

To get started draw and cut shapes out of cardstock to make your own patterns.  I used a heart, a 3 1/2″ square for the pillow shape, and the letter C.  Hold the pattern down on a piece of felt and trace around it with a piece of chalk.

Cut out the decorative pieces and 2 felt squares for the pillow.

Stitch or glue on the decorative pieces.  Layer the two felt squares.  Trim an 1/8″ around the top square.  Stitch the two layers together 3/8″ from the edge.  Leave at least a 2″ opening unstitched.

Fill with a little batting.

Stitch the hole closed.

Finish it up by cutting a fringe around the edge.  Don’t cut too close to the stitching or you may cut through it.  If you do, no worries, just stitch it closed again!

Caroline loves having her very own pillows!

Now everyone in the dollhouse is lining up for their very own monogram pillow! 🙂

Just in case you are interested here is a little more about today’s post.

Enjoy a little crafty sewing for dolls!