Anna here!  Many of you enjoy doll fashion.  Whether you are mixing and matching outfits, buying something new and trendy, or sewing for your dolls, doll fashion is fun!  A great way to create something unique and one-of-a-kind for your dolls is to customize doll clothes.  Several companies offer doll clothes at such amazingly low prices, it makes the craft affordable and fun!  One of these companies, Springfield Collection, sent me a few items to try a little customization on.  On top of their great prices, they frequently offer coupons on their website.  I usually pick up their items at JoAnn’s and use the store coupon.  I love deals almost as much as I love crafting!

Now let’s move on from deals to crafting!  I’ve noticed denim has had a comeback this season.  I enjoyed adding my own flavor and fun to this little denim jacket!


The fun really is adding to the cute details that are already there!  With just a few changes you can create something all your own!


Here is the denim jacket I started with.


When you set out to customize, start out by taking note of the details and characteristics of the clothing.  Work with the details that are already there.  Brainstorm how to emphasize a detail or even the opposite, deemphasize a detail.


  • It is a dark denim with white stitching.
  • There are two flower designs.
  • The jacket has cute details like the pocket flaps and the collar.
  • There are different panels outlined by stitching.


  • Fade the dark denim in areas.
  • Fade the flower designs.
  • Fade the two front panels under the packet flaps.
  • Fade the two front panels across the shoulder area.
  • Add lace to the collar and packet flaps.

Now that I have some ideas, let’s get to work to see what we can do!


I want to age the denim a little, and fade the flowers.  Using a fine sand paper I sand the two front panels across the shoulders.


The flower fades nicely and the dark denim now has a worn look.  The stitches break in a couple of places.  I’m careful to not run the sandpaper over the stitching anymore.


Next I sand the two panels under the pockets.  I’m really happy with the look!


Let’s roll up the sleeves for a more relaxed casual look.


I came across crafters lace at the fabric store that has a smaller pattern.   Cutting and pinning it in place, I soon have the collar covered.


Those cute pocket flaps need emphasizing and a little lace does the trick.


Stitching around the edge of the lace twice seems to hold it nicely.


Time to try it on and enjoy!  I love the simple customizing!

There is something about being involved in the creating process that make me love this little jacket even more!

Just in case you are interested here is more about today’s post.

  • Doll-Saige AG GOTY
  • Outfit– Shirt is from Saige’s Sweater Outfit. Skirt is made by Anna.

Create, craft, and customize!

Thanks to Springfield Collection for the denim jacket.  As always, all ideas and opinions are my own!