Mini doll room craft finished

The 6″ American Girl Mini dolls and other little dolls can be a lot of fun to make things for like this perfect room made from a shoe box.

I recently got my own Ivy doll, 6 inch that is. I love my 6 inch dolls. They have so much play potential! My 4 year old niece Laura and I made this doll room this week to share with all of you. We hope you enjoy making your own.

mini doll room supplies

To make a doll room for your 6 inch dolls you will need:

  • a shoe box (that the doll can comfortably stand up in)
  • your 6 inch doll and box (for the bed)
  • a Band-Aid or soap box
  • felt (mixed colors for bedding, *bunting, carpet)
  • paper/card stock
  • stickers (I used fun foam flowers)
  • black marker
  • scissors
  • tape
  • glue (craft and glue stick)
  • ribbon
  • three squares of toilet tissue for pillow stuffing
  • *optional stickers for bunting. I used the bubble letters from AG crafts I got on clearance at Michael’s the craft store. I used the letters F.R.I.E.N.D.S
  • *a crystal sticker from one of the AG Doll sticker sets as the “light bulb”
  • *Mini AG doll stickers to make “Dolls” for the 6 inch dolls to play with

Step 1 – Make sure the box you pick is big enough for your dolls to stand up in comfortably.

Step 2- Lay your doll’s box inside the shoe box to insure you have enough room for the Band-Aid box dresser opposite the bed.

Step 3- Measure your box inside. The bottom of the box will become the “Feature Wall” of your dolls room. Measure the sides of the box as well.

Step 4- Cut out paper to fit inside your box. For the feature wall I used a piece of scrap book paper I had on hand, though I did not have enough for the sides so I used a coordinating color of plain blue.

Step 5- Use the glue stick to cover the back of the paper for the feature wall and the side walls of the doll room.

Step 6– With the walls now covered; use felt to create the carpet of your doll room. I used a tan color felt for the carpet. I also covered the inside lid of the box so the dolls have room to play on a carpeted floor. Use craft glue as shown. I cut two pieces one for the inside floor and a separate one for the inside lid so I can close the box and store it easily.

Step 7- While the carpet dries, create your doll’s headboard. I used a yellow cardstock paper scrap I had. Stand the box on its end to make sure that you have it wide enough. I cut a piece of paper the same length as the box and folded it in half. Use your glue stick on the card stock and press it into the box as shown. I decorated the head board with a foam flower sticker.

 Step 8– Inspired by Molly’s bed. I used felt to cover the box bed and I secured it with glue from my glue stick. This also acts as the bed sheet.

Step 9– *To give the bed a finished look, I folded the end glued it down and added a flower sticker to decorate. This is optional, but I wanted to show you how I made mine.


Step 10– To create the Dresser cover an empty Band-Aid or empty Soap Box with paper. Wrap it like a birthday present. You can use glue or tape to secure your paper. Draw your drawers as or make it a cupboard and drawers as I did. I highlighted my lines with a marker and then used more fun foam stickers as the drawer nobs. You can glue or tape your dresser in place or leave it so you can re arrange the doll room whenever you want.

Step 11– Now make blankets and pillows. Using more felt I created a comforter for the bed and two pillows. Lay a piece of felt over your bed, fold back an edge and trim the excess. Use the excess felt for the pillow.

Step 12– Create the pillows. Using co-ordinating colors cut a rectangle from felt that you can fold over to make a pillow.

Add two lines of glue, ball up two sheets of toilet tissue and place it in the middle. Fold over the felt and press down. Place a book or something heavy over it so the pillow and let it dry. When dry, add another line of glue at the top to close the pillow and place something heavy on it to let it dry. If your pillow edges do not stay closed you can sew them shut, or use a stronger glue to keep the pillow closed.  

Create a rolled throw pillow as shown above. Cut another rectangle of felt, fold a piece of toilet tissue and place it in the middle. Roll the felt as shown, adding a line of craft glue to help hold it closed. Use felt strips as ties and tie up one end at a time, tie into knots or bows. Place pillows on your dolls bed.

 Step 13- Make a clock for your dolls room with a larger flower sticker, draw clock hands and then peel off the sticker backing and place it on your dolls wall.

Step 14– create an over head lamp for your doll by layering the foam stickers as shown. I placed a clear crystal raised sticker in the center of the layered flower for the light bulb. Peel off the back of the largest sticker and place on the ceiling of your dolls room as shown.

Step 15– Create a mini bunting. I free hand cut bunting triangle pieces out of remaining felt scraps. I cut enough out to spell Friends. Use stickers to spell your dolls name or Friends as I did. Glue the felt bunting triangles pieces to a ribbon and either tape or glue them to the feature wall of your doll room.

Step 16– My niece Laura wanted the little dolls to have their own dolls. To do this I used the mini stickers. I put a sticker on cardstock, cut around it. Using my scissors I cut a slit in the card stock between the dolls feet and cut another small rectangle with the same sized slit and placed it between the dolls feet to help her stand up.

The mini sticker dolls can stand on top of the dresser, or the dolls can “play” with them down on the carpet.

Now your dolls are ready to play in their room! Laura and I had so much fun making this doll room, we hope you do too!

*Mini dolls used Ivy, special addition Kit, Cecile, Rebecca