Doll Halloween Party

I love Halloween and thought it would be fun to show you how to make a Halloween Party for your dolls using items you may already have at home and that you can make from items found at the Dollar or Craft stores.  

Doll Halloween Party how to

To make your own Doll Halloween Party you will need:

  • Construction Paper in white, orange and black
  • tape
  • scissors
  • a black marker
  • small dessert sized Halloween napkins (to make smaller doll sized napkins)
  • regular sized Halloween Napkins (for the table cloth)
  • Halloween themed plastic rings
  • Halloween stickers, small and round
  • A pipe cleaner
  • toilet paper tube
  • glue stick
  • small round fun foam circles or you can cut your own fun foam to create cookies for your dolls
  • small bowls, plates and cups for your dolls
  • a table for your dolls or a shoe box and a cereal box or some cardboard to make a table

Step 1– Make your doll sized napkins. Unfold one dessert sized napkin and cut it in to 4 as shown in the photo above. Follow the lines in the napkin for four equal doll sized napkins. Next fold your napkin over your finger and place a Halloween ring on it, pull it off your finger and your napkin is done. Repeat on the remaining napkins. Make as many as you need for dolls coming to your party.  

Step 2– Skip this step if you have a table. To make a table I used a shoe box and a cereal box. Place the cereal box on top and tape into place. Open a regular sized napkin and use that as your table cloth. I taped two together to make mine.

Step 3– Make Halloween Cookies for your dolls by using small pre-cut fun foam circles or cut out your own fun foam circles. Use Halloween Stickers to create the “Iced Sugar Cookie” look. Make as many as you will need for your party. I placed my cookies on a doll plate I already had from the Dollar store and then placed it on my party table I made.

Step 4- Create a Halloween Paper Chain. First you will need to fan fold orange and black construction paper as shown. Then cut the strips out along the lines. Fold the edges of your paper strips together to make a circle. Tape them into place. Alternate the color I started with Black then Orange. Slip the Orange paper through the black circle and tape into place, repeat with black and so on, until your chain is as long as you would like.

Step 5– Create your friendly Spider Decoration. Trace the end of a toilet paper tube on your black construction paper, cut out the circle. Cut 8 thin strips of paper for the legs. Fan fold the legs as shown in the photo above. Tape them into place. Cut out two small circles for eyes out of white paper and then use a black marker to add the pupils.

Next use a glue stick and apply the eyes to the front of your spider. Turn your spider back over and tape a pipe cleaner to the back , curl the top of the pipe cleaner to make a hook. Then place the hook through one of the paper chains you made. *If you are hanging up your paper chains on your doll room or your wall be sure to use painters tape or another tape that will not damage the walls.

Today I used items for my doll room I had from last year, and items I bought at my local dollar store and Michael’s the Craft store.

I hope you all have a Happy and Safe Halloween!