Backyard Party Play Set for Dolls

This week the weather has been so nice my thoughts have been turning to outdoor entertainment. Inspired by the new American Girl Happy Birthday Set, I have created a Backyard Party Play Set that you can make at home for your dolls to enjoy!

Backyard Party Set

Let’s Get Started!

For the Square Cakes you will need:

  • Paint in white and pink
  • paint brush
  • 3/4 square wooden cubes (enough for your dolly party guests)
  • thin ribbon in pink for bows

Step 1– Paint each side of your square cubes Pink and let dry
Step 2– Paint White Polka dots on the sides and top of your cubes, let dry
Step 3– Wrap Pink ribbon around your cubes and tie in a bow like you would a present, trim edges and repeat on remaining cubes.

For the Dolly Plates you will need:

  • Canning lids
  • Nail Polish

Step 1– Not everyone has doll plates and I thought this would be a fun way to create plates for your dolls. I found the snap lids by BerNARdin at my dollar store and with a bit of nail polish painted the rim around he lids. I used a sparkly orange as the rim was already an orange color just to add some sparkle to the edge of the “plate”. Set them aside to dry.

For the Flower Pot and Flowers you will need:

  • A small terracotta pot
  • paint
  • paint brush
  • tape
  • small dollar store flowers in pretty colors
  • small piece of Styrofoam 
  • wire cutters or scissors
  • glue
Step 1– Paint your Pot and let it dry
Step 2– Trim the flowers with wire cutters or scissors to a length twice as high as the pot
Step 3– Arrange your flowers and tape them in to place
Step 4– Place a piece of Styro Foam in the bottom of the pot and press your flower stems into the foam

Step 5– Fill in any of the gaps along the bottom of your pot by pressing more flower buds into place, you can glue yours in if you wish.

To create the Napkins you will need:

  • 1 napkin in colors that match your party theme
  • scissors

Step 1– Open your napkin and trim it in half then cut it. You should have two pieces
Step 2– Fold one piece in half and cut it again, repeat on the other piece
Step 3– Fold each square to a doll sized napkin

To make the Place cards:

  • colored paper
  • stickers
  • pen

Step 1-Cut your paper to 2 ½ inches by 3 inches. Then fold it in half
Step 2– Add a sticker or gem in one of the corners
Step 3– Write your dolls names on the card

Now it is time to set the table. I have used my doll picnic table which was made from Ana White’s Free Directions. If you do not have a doll table, a shoe box makes a great table.

I found this patterned piece of felt at Michael’s the craft store and thought it would make a great table cloth. Even though it is short for my table I loved how it matched my party colors.

Add your centerpiece, your doll plates, your cakes, napkins and place cards and you are ready for your backyard party! 

Set your table with all the items you have made your dolls for their party!

In today’s scene:

Enjoy your backyard party!!