Anna here!  I am really excited about today’s craft!  It combines some of my favorite things…repurposing and bold color!  We are going to transform baby socks into mini stockings for dolls!       

You could totally use a colored baby sock if you have one…or you could add your own fabulous color with Rit Dye!    

I decided to buy a package of white socks that came with 10 pairs of socks.  That’s 20 individual socks for Christmas stockings!  At $5 for the package, that comes to $0.25 per stocking!

I have big plans for these little stockings!  I think they will make nice gifts for my nieces, all stuffed with little goodies!  If you have plans to make a few, you could dye them all the same color, or you could dye them a variety of colors!  I’m having too much fun experimenting with Rit’s endless colors, so I don’t think I’ll be sticking to one color this time!

Let’s get creating some colorful Christmas stockings!


  • bobby socks size 6-18 months
  • Rit Dye
  • bucket
  • salt
  • measuring cups
  • measuring spoons
  • long spoon

Not Pictured:

  • sequins
  • glue
  • thread (I’m using Coats and Clarks embroidery floss)
  • needle


 First, let’s take a closer look at the socks we will be using as Christmas stockings!  If you are looking to buy socks, I think girl’s bobby socks work best because they are long and fold down just like a stocking!  I’m sure that many styles would work, so if you already have something different, give it a try!

 To dye the socks follow the instructions on the back of the Rit Dye packaging.  I have pictures, tips and other resources here if you are new to Rit, or want some suggestions for dying doll sized projects.  I am new to Rit Dye myself and wanted to share what I’ve learned along the way for a successful dye project.  

Above all have fun!  Rit Dye is easy to work with and very forgiving, so don’t fret!  

Look at that beautiful bold color!  By the way, speaking of color, if you are interested, this is warm red #500 from the ColoRit Color Formula Guide.  I doubled the formula and used 4 teaspoons Tangerine, 2 teaspoons Scarlet and 8 cups of water to make the dye bath.  They have formulas for every color you could possibly want, making bold beautiful colors a cinch for us!          

Let’s Decorate a Stocking!

Now your stocking is color infused and ready to go!  Fold down the top of the sock.  You decide how wide you want the stocking cuff!

Let’s add a little decoration to the stocking cuff!  I am using sequins to add a little sparkle but you can use any of these ideas from last year for decorating the stockings.  Or try colorful buttons like I used here!

Unlike many other pre-made stockings, this stocking is stretchy.  Before you attach any decorations place something in the top of the stocking to stretch it out.  That way the decorations won’t pop off when you stretch it open to fill it! 

To hang the stocking, make a loop of embroidery floss and attach it to the inside, bottom section of the cuff.  The loop should be long enough to barely peek out the inside of the cuff.  The arrow points to where the loop is attached.


Wow, what a transformation!


It is surprising how much will fit inside because it is oh-so-stretchy! 

 Fun, festive and colorful doll sized stockings! 

 Make a few for your dolls, make a few for your friends! 

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 Create in Color!