I love to dream up headbands for dolls.  It is such an easy way to add a little fun to a hairstyle!  Today’s headband is inspired by the braided headbands I saw recently while shopping with my daughter.  I added my own twist to keep things fun, with pom pom flowers and bright colors!

You could really change the look depending on the color combination you choose.

I made mine to go with my Camp Doll Diaries sweatshirt.  I love the cute little sun and cheery rainbow on the camp logo this year and I knew I wanted some fun and cheery accessories to go with it!

It’s pretty quick and easy to make.  Let’s take a look!


To get started, measure your dolls head where the headband will lay.  Rebecca’s head measures 12 1/2″.

Cut one piece of embroidery floss to 16″ long.  Use this piece to measure and cut a total of 12 pieces of floss.  Tie the end together in a knot.

Place a piece of tape over the knot and tape it down to a surface.

Divide the floss into 3 equal groups of 4 strands.  Braid it to the end and remove the tape.  With a ruler, measure the braided strand to make sure it is close to the measurement of your dolls head.

Now we are going to join the two ends of the headband together.  Cut a small rectangle of felt.  Trim the extra floss beyond the knot and glue it down on one side of the felt.   Trim the braided end so that the total strand is the the same measurement as your dolls head.  My dolls’ head measures 12 1/2″ so the strand length is trimmed to 12 1/2″.  Glue the end to the felt.

Now let’s make the colorful pom pom flowers!  Wrap thread around a finger about 20 times.   Gently pull the bundle off your finger.

With a separate piece of thread tie the bundle in the middle.  Place your scissors through the loops to cut through them.

Fluff it up and trim any pieces that are uneven.

Glue the flowers to the headband.

Slip the headband on and enjoy!

Try this headband in different color combination to get different looks!

I have to say this photo makes me so excited for Camp Doll Diaries!  Rebecca looks like she is off to another camp planning meeting!

Just in case you are interested, here is a little more about today’s post.

Enjoy color, enjoy crafting, enjoy play!