As the final part of our doll craft marathon this weekend I’d like to share with you a really easy Caesar Salad  with grilled chicken and grilled steak that your dolls will love!

I used both felt and fun foam in different greens to make the salad, cut out leaf shapes and glued them to each other on wax paper like I did the salad from last week. To create the grilled chicken I used tan fun foam and a black marker to draw the grill marks and then glued them to the salad. For the croutons I used dark brown fun foam and cut little squares.

I liked the grill marks for the salad so I created a Steak dinner also.

To create the steak I cut out dark brown fun foam in a “steak shape” and then added the grill marks with a black felt marker.

I also made a baked potato and cooked carrots out of felt.

To make the carrots I cut out small circles of orange felt and glued them together the same way I did the taco chips, on wax paper. I let them dry and peeled them off the wax paper and put them on the plate.

For the baked potato I used dark brown felt and some fiber fill stuffing (or you could use a cotton ball) and topped with butter and chives that are also made out of felt.

I started with a small piece of brown felt; I cut a circle and then added glue folding the felt like I did the fun foam taco. When it was dry I glued in some fiber fill as the potato part and topped it with felt foam butter and chives.

Creating Doll dinners to share with you was such a fun way to spend my afternoon, I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. I look forward to sharing more ideas with you next week. ~ By Karen of Karen Mom of Three