Doll Craft: Angry Birds Costumes for Dolls

Angry Birds is a hugely popular game and let me say, these costumes are just too cute for words!! We are so lucky to have Karen share all her fun ideas with us each week.

how to make angry birds costume

Angry Birds costumes are going to be such a big hit this Halloween! Today I am sharing how to make easy, fun foam Angry Birds costumes for your dolls, but with a little extra effort and a large piece of poster board, you could make matching ones for yourself!

To make the Red Bird and Pig Angry Bird costumes you will need:

  • Red fun foam
  • Green fun foam
  • White fun foam
  • Black fun foam
  • Yellow fun foam
  • Ribbon (8- 12 inch piece of ribbon 4 red 4 green)
  • Glue
  • A pencil
  • Scissors
  • A hole punch
  • A 6.5 inch bread and butter plate (the smallest side plate you have)
  • A black felt marker

How to make the Red Angry Bird costume:

how to make red angry bird costume

  • Trace around the small plate on red fun foam and cut it out.
  • Cut the half circle out of the white fun foam.
  • Cut out the rest of the shapes out “freehand.” (If you are worried about not cutting the shapes out correctly you can print out an image of the red angry bird. Trace the shapes onto white paper, cut them out and use them as your pattern. My printer stopped working so I tried it without and I love how it turned out.)
  • For the eyes use a black marker to outline the eyes and create the pupil.
  • Place the shapes on the red circle where you want them to be glued down first, then began gluing down the shapes in place.
  • When the glue is dry use the hole punch and punch 4 holes.
  • Cut 4 pieces of ribbon 12 inches long and feed through the ribbon each of the holes and tie a double knot.
  • Tie the costume on your doll like you would an apron.

Red angry birds costume for dolls

How to make the Pig Angy Bird costume:

Making the Angry Birds Pig costume is pretty similar to making the Red Bird – cut, glue and go.

How to make an angry bird pig costume

  • Cut out the circle the same way as you did the red one and then cut out the other shapes as well.
  • Place them on the circle and glue them down.
  • When it is dry punch 4 holes for the ribbon as you did on the bird costume.
  • Use 4 – 12 inch pieces of ribbon for the Pig Costume.

Angry birds pig costume

I had so much fun making these costumes and I hope you like them too. Of course, you can use the same basic instructions and ideas to make any of the Angry Birds characters for your dolls.

Stop by next Friday for more doll craft fun with Karen of Karen Mom of Three!

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  1. Wow Karen! That is so cool I love angry birds!

  2. Me too, alex17! My dad,little brother and I all have Angry Birds on our cell phones.

  3. Cool! I have Angry Birds on my iPod Touch!! 😀

  4. LOL Very creative. I just might have to do this. I unfortuanately don’t have a cell phone but sometimes I play angrey birds on my friends’ phone. Overall these costumes are adorable! Oh and BTw I LOVE Chrissa’s socks. x D

  5. Thanks Ladies, It has been so much fun creating things to share with you. This one was hard to keep to myself. I hope you liked it and find it easy to make!
    I am off to the pumpkin patch this morning in the pouring rain!

  6. you should have see how crazy my brothes went when i told them angrey birds :) lol

  7. oh yeh you can play angrey birds on the computer. if you donload google chorme but its free. i also play it rarly on my sisters phone but i have any a few times. i wouldnt be suprised if they make a agry birds game for xbox 360, wii, or ds :)

  8. i just got some ideas for the costums im going to do. i want to do doctar who, but that could be hard.
    anyway start trek maybe, or anoying orange!

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  11. lol, my dad loves angry birds and I do say THESE COSTUMES ARE SOOOOOOO CUTE! 😉

  12. Hi guys I’m a new doll diaries reader and I have to say I feel like all the readers and char could be best friends I love this site
    Thank you share for creating it. I also like your daughters website especially the nail polish tutorials

  13. Thank you Savanah!!

  14. Gretchen – so glad to hear it! I hope you share a photo of your doll wearing it either on your own site or send it in for us to post here.

  15. Welcome, Savannah! Char, I have a Facebook, can I send my picture to your DD Facebook, because I already have the picture on my Facebook.

  16. Jessica H. says:

    My girls LOVE angry birds and they are going to love these! Thank you so much for the wonderful idea!


  17. My brother and i are always sneaking my dads phone to play angry birds! now my 2 dolls who dont have costumes will have to have this!!! :)

  18. Welcome Savannah! Thank you Jess, I hoped you would all like these costumes! makes me want to create more and more for you all! Thanks for the kind words of encouragement!

  19. Do we have any more information on the girl of the year for next year?

  20. No thank you char and I love the costumes Karen especially the pig also is the Halloween contest still going on?

  21. yes the Halloween Parade contest is still on going! You can up load your photos .

  22. Pretty Irish AG says:

    Hey Char and Karen

    Halloween is nine days away and I STILL haven’t sewn a costume for Ivy, or a better Celtic Woman costume for Kiera. Any advice for Ivy? I have a lot of party dresses and am sewing two more with fabric I got from a sale at JoAnn

  23. Wow Pretty Irish, I love the ideas you have, Ivy is a doll I would so love to have! What about doing a simple mask to match one of your party dresses for her? I can not wait to see what you come up with. I love Celtic Woman, hoping to get their CD soon!

  24. Pretty Irish AG says:

    That would be a great idea, and one that could be done in a Saturday. But today I have to study AP Biology. Yes, it’s a high stress class, and I’m taking it as a sophomore.

  25. Hey everybody, I’m new here at doll diaries.Is their any information on goty 2012? Also ,how many dolls do y’all have? I have 12 soon to be 14 (Cecile and Marie-grace).

  26. Savannah – we are headed into the last week of the contest so yes, you can send photos in.

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  30. Loveag12 – we are constantly on the look out about more information but they have been pretty good at keeping things underwraps again this year. Anything we find we will post here.

  31. Thanks

  32. Hey doll diary readers-
    What is your dolls going to be for halloween? I have a 2hula girl outfits, 2 colonial outfits, 2 swim team outfits 3 pumpkins and 3 I still haven’t decided, maybe an angry bird their adorable. Thanks karen.

  33. You are welcome Loveag12 !

  34. Pretty Irish AG says:

    I can’t wait for Halloween.