Did you know that today is considered to be American Girl Addy’s birthday?  For all you trivia buffs – do you know why it is today?

Anyhow, Madison is ready to wish Addy a Happy Birthday with a special birthday treat!  She made her a tasty lunch.

Mmm, a meat pie, grapes, and little cookies shaped into the word LOVE.

Make this tasty lunch for your historical dolls or share it with your modern dolls for a taste of the past!


This lunch is crafted out of an oven baked clay and is inspired by American Girl’s Tin Pail Lunch set.

Set up you work surface.

Work on a cookie sheet lined with a silicone bake mat or a piece of tin foil.  You can work on this surface and then bake on this surface, making it easier to keep track of the pieces.

Whenever you work with a different color wipe down your hands with baby wipes.  This will keep the colors from spreading.

Here is the clay I’m using today.  It has a nice variety of colors, is easy to work with and available at JoAnn’s.

Sculpey Bake Shop Clay

Before we get started let’s take a closer look at the clay.  Right out of the wrapper it is a little stiff.  Work it between your fingers and it will soften and become smooth.


Break off small similar size pieces of clay.  You will need 13 pieces.  Roll each piece between your palms to make them into little balls.

To build the grapes place 3 balls and 1 on top.  Every time you add on a layer to the grape cluster gently press the balls together.

For the next layer position 4 balls and stack the previous cluster on top.

Now for the last layer use 5 balls.  As you set the cluster on top be sure to gently press the balls together.  You don’t want to deform the balls, only help them stick together.

For the grape leaf press a piece of green clay flat.  Cut out a leaf shape from the clay.  Using a clay tool, press the leaf markings around the leaf shape.

Position and gently press the leaf on the top of the grape cluster.

Meat Pie

To make the meat pie use a light tan clay.  I mixed the beige and tan from the pack to get the color I wanted.  Press out the clay in a rough circle.

Press a piece of  brown clay into a flat thick semi circle.  Place it in the center of the tan piece.  Fold the tan clay in half.  Press the clay around the edges of the mound in the middle.  With a clay tool trim off the extra tan clay, forming a half circle.

Make marks with a clay tool round the pressed edges.

You can leave this little pastry as is or carve out markings for the filling to peek out.  When you bake a real pastry pie you need to make cuts in the dough before you bake it to let steam escape.  If you want to make the cuts on the clay version be sure to get help from an adult.  Draw the outline of the cuts with a pin or an Exacto knife.  Pull out the “dough” in the cuts, using a pin or an Exacto knife.

Make the circle cuts in a similar way.  To get the right shape I used the end of a clay tool to press a circle in the “dough”.


Now for the sweet LOVE cookies!  Roll out a snake of clay.  Shape each letter out of the clay.  Each letter is shaped out of one piece of clay except the “E”.  For the letter “E” the middle line was added separately.  By gently pressing and pulling your finger over the seam you can easily attach it.

Now bake the clay according to the instructions on the package.  For this Sculpey Bake Shop clay I baked mine at 275 for 15 minutes.  After it is baked and cooled it is ready for play!

Then you can join in with Madison to wish Addy a happy birthday, serve up a lunch from the 1860’s, or enjoy it as a modern favorite!

Char commented to me that Madison makes the perfect best friend to Addy and I agree!  What do you think?

Just in case you are interested, here is a little more about today’s post.

A happy birthday from the past, today!

**Disclaimer-I received the Sculpey Bake Shop Clay from Polyform.  As always, all opinions are my own.**