All month here at Doll Diaries we have been creating Isabelle inspired crafts.  When new dolls are released it is fun to take a look at their line and create crafts inspired by their lovely collections! 

Today Caroline is modeling a gold purse inspired by Isabelle’s purse.    

This sparkly little purse has a flap that folds over the top.  Did you guess the basic structure is made with a mint tin?  It is the perfect size for Isabella’s purse! 

Let’s take a look at what we’ll need!


To get started paint the tin gold.  Set it aside to dry.

Cover the front and back with strips of glittery gold ribbon.  

I came across this oh-so-sparkly ribbon called Glitter Strips by American Crafts.  What I love about it, besides the fantastic sparkle :), is that the glitter doesn’t shed and it doesn’t fray when it’s cut.  Perfect for doll crafts!

 Of course don’t be afraid to use what you have on hand!  You can adapt this craft and use gold glitter paper or fabric.

 After it is glued in place, trim the edges to the shape of the tin.

 Now we are going to make a purse flap.  

Since I am using ribbon, I need to cut 4 strips to attach together.   

Looking at the back of the purse flap you can see the edges are uneven.  Trim the top and bottom, until they are even.

Glue a thin ribbon around the outside edge.  Fold the ribbon around to the backside and glue in place.     

 Glue the flap to the top edge of the tin.  

 Cut a length of thin ribbon.  Glue it to each side of the tin as a purse strap. 

 Fold the purse flap around to the front and glue on a velcro closure.

 The tin opens up to hold a few things and…

 closes up tight for a doll size purse!

 Use what you have on hand and make your own version of Isabelle’s sparkly purse!

Use the basic design and make it the way you like.  Will yours be gold?  Will yours be sparkly?  What ever you choose, it will be fabulous!  

Just in case you are interested, here is a little more about today’s post.

 Enjoy designing, creating and crafting for dolls!