Just fold, snip, snip, snip, and you’ll have this little heart banner.  Perfect for a doll size Valentines decoration!

Morgan started with the hearts hanging on the wall.   Then she tried the banner hanging from the table, and it was very festive!  Finally she settled on the fireplace mantle.  A simple decoration is fun for small doll spaces!

Have you ever made a paper doll chain?  This is the same technique, only cute little hearts!  Once you learn how to make paper chains you may find yourself experimenting with different shapes and designs!


  • party napkin (I am using the small dessert size)
  • scissors

Of course you can use regular paper to make paper chains.  I decided to use party napkins and loved the results.  I love the bold color, they are thin and easy to cut, and they come with a fold down the middle.  That fold means we only need to fold it two more times and we are ready to snip, snip, snip!

Let’s get started!

The napkin is folded into quarters.  Unfold it and cut all the way across the middle fold line.  Now there are two napkin halves with a crease down the middle of each.

Take one half of the napkin and fold it back along it’s crease line.

With the fold on the side, fold it into thirds.  (If you are using regular paper just fold it into sixths.)

Draw a heart or other simple design.  Now this is key, be sure the design overlaps each side (the folds) by 1/4″ or more.  (This is the secret for success for any shape or design you choose!  Make sure the design overlaps the folds on both sides and don’t cut through the fold in that area!)

Cut the design out.  Be sure to not cut through the fold on each side.

To add a little heart inside, first fold the heart in half.

Cut out a half heart along the fold, using the shape as a guide.

Unfold it and you have a simple paper chain to hang up!

Ooo, that really brightens up the doll space!

I have been cutting creative paper chains with my kids for years.  It is fun to cut and unfold the paper to reveal the connecting design.  Get creative and then experiment with your own design!

Just in case you are interested, here is a little more about today’s post.

  • Doll– Morgan is AG #25
  • Outfit-Thanks to Char for the T-Shirt from AG Washington DC!  Skirt is made by Anna.  How to make the headband is here.  Leggings are from Soft-as-Snow outfit from AG.  Shoes are from Springfield Collection.
  • Scene-How I made the fireplace is here.  The pillow tutorial is here.

 Fold, Cut, Create!