I’m a notebook and journal girl.  I carry one with me all the time.  Some of my notebooks  and journals are plain, but most have embellishments and accessories.  I love to make my own or at least customize them.  Today’s doll size notebook is a simplified, crafty version and includes some of my favorite ways to customize a notebook!  Whether your dolls need a notebook, a sketchbook, or a journal, this mini book is a fun and easy way to make one in the color and size you would like for your dolls!

You could always embellish a mini notebook from the store but this time I created the notebook from scratch.  The cover is made from Phoomph and fabric.  With Phoomph, your fabric doesn’t easily fray on the edges and is stiff.  Phoomph makes it easy to use fun fabric for a cover.

This notebook closes with a thin elastic chord.  It is a fun detail to hold your notebook shut.

The pages of the notebook are a sticky note pad.  Easy!

There are two attached bookmarks to keep your place.  Attached bookmarks are a favorite!

The size of notebook you make depends on the size of your sticky note pad.  Along the way I’ll share the measurements based on the size I used.  All the instructions will take you step by step to create a notebook from any size of pad!


  • Phoomph
  • fabric
  • elastic chord
  • scissors
  • sticky note pad (Mine is 1 1/2″ X 2″)
  • ribbon
  • jewels or embellishments
  • needle

Let’s get started!

The notebook cover is made with fabric and Phoomph.

Lay out the Phoomph.  We want the cover to wrap from the front to the back of the notebook, just like a book cover.  Place the sticky note pad in the corner with a 1/4″ border on the bottom and side.  Make a mark 1/4″ from the top.

Roll the pad to the thin side, and then the back.  Mark 1/2″ from the edge.  That is more than I measured in this picture.  When you bend the cover around the notebook you loose a little length.  Let’s cut it slightly larger and then trim it down later if needed.

Using the marks, measure and draw straight lines to make an outline of the cover.  Mine measures 3 7/8″ x 2 1/2″.

Phoomph has adhesive on both sides.  Cut out the rectangle, peel off the paper backing on one side, and place it on the back side of the fabric you are using.

Peel off the second paper backing.  You can see in the picture below that the color of Phoomph I’m using is light pink.  Fold the fabric over onto the phoomph.  Trim off the extra fabric around the edges.

Fold the Phoomph in half and glue the connected side of the notepad, right in the center.

Lay down the notebook and fold back the front cover.

Cut a piece of elastic chord that is long enough to wrap around the notebook from the back to the front and to the back again.

Thread the needle with the elastic chord.  From the inside of the back cover, pull the chord through to the outside of the cover and then back to the inside of the cover.  The two ends of the elastic will be on the inside of the cover.  Glue down the ends.  Glue down the last page in the notepad to cover the elastic ends.

Wrap the elastic around the notebook to hold it closed.

Let’s add a couple of bookmarks to our notebook.  Lay the notebook facing down with the front cover open.  On the back cover, near the spine, glue two ribbons.  Attach a jewel to cover the ends of the ribbon.

Glue a jewel or embellishment on the front cover.

Fold the ribbons down, close the notebook, and wrap the elastic around the outside.

Let’s take a peak from different angles.  It’s so realistic and fun!

A doll size notebook, journal, or sketchbook!

I love this mini size, using the smallest sticky note pad but there are many sizes that would make fun doll size books!

I have to mention that I recently sat down to make this craft with two neighbor girls that are in 4th grade.  They easily completed a stash to share with friends.  One of the girls had plans to make more as gifts, so I showed her Phoomph is available at JoAnn’s online (it’s not available in our small town).  She ordered it and gathered up the supplies for more notebook fun!  This is a quick, easy and fun craft!

Just in case you are interested, here is a little more about today’s post.

  • Doll-Caroline is an an AG Historical Character.
  • Outfit-Skirt and shirt are sewn by Anna.  Here is information about the headband.

 Craft, create and play!