Morgan is starting to pack up for camp.  She loves her new large tote that’s just right for travel.

Her new bag has a couple awesome features.   There is a fun pocket on the front made with the Camp Doll Diaries logo.  It’s a perfect fit for smaller items.  On the other hand there is plenty of space in the main compartment and after it’s all filled up, zip it closed.

Yep, you got it right!  You can zip this little bag closed.  Well zip, as in Zip-loc baggies kind of zip!  Hey, but that little closure at the top of a sandwich bag turns out to be the perfect closure for a doll size bag!  Hooray for repurposing everyday items for a doll’s world!

Let’s take a look!


  • sandwich bag
  • scissors
  • Duck tape
  • ribbon
  • glue

For the pocket-

The first thing we are going to make is the big pocket on the front of the bag.  This could be made several ways.  I have these fun and colorful Camp Doll Diaries iron-ons, so I’ll be walking you through the process of this option.  If you don’t have an iron-on you could easily make a duct tape pocket.  Another option with the camp logo on the side of the bag is to print out the logo onto paper and cover the paper in clear packaging tape to make a pocket.  Either way there are quite a few options depending on what supplies you have on hand!  Be creative and have fun!

Let’s make a pocket!  Iron the transfer onto light fabric according to the directions on the package.

Cut out the shape leaving at least a 1/4″ fabric border around the image.  Cut out a piece of Phoomph that is the same size as the fabric you are working with.  If you are new to Phoomph, it is a no-sew, no-iron fabric bonding sheet.  It stabilizes fabric and makes it so easy to work with.

Peel off the paper backing of one side of the Phoomph and press the fabric with the logo to the adhesive.  Peel off the paper backing on the other side of the Phoomph and press another piece of fabric on the adhesive.  I’m using this adorable purple with white polka dots for the inside of the pocket…but I didn’t get a picture of it! Boo!

Using the image as a guide, trim off the extra fabric and Phoomph.  That’s it the pocket is ready to go!

Now let’s make the bag!  The base of this bag is a sandwich bag.  This makes a really awesome base because of that reclosable closure at the top.  We are going to incorporate the closure into the doll size bag and wa-la our bag will open and shut!

Cut a piece of Duck tape a little more than twice the width of the bag.  Place it along the top of the bag.  Flip the bag over when you get to the edge.  Fold the Duck tape over onto that side of the bag.  Place the tape along the top of the backside of the bag.  It’s okay if you sealed the top of the bag shut because the Duck tape touches at the top edge.  We will trim the sides and top when we are all finished covering the bag in Duck tape.

For this little bag I am using a few different colors of Duck tape to make a striped bag.  It would be just as cute to make the bag with a patterned Duck tape or one solid color.  Be creative, make it your own and use what you have on hand!

Continue down the bag placing strips of Duck tape in the same way as the first, except for the very last strip at the bottom.  For the very bottom, cut a piece of Duck tape a little wider than the width of the bag.  Lay the tape down on one side of the bag.  Flip the bag over and fold the tape up over the bottom edge.  Now the bag is covered in tape but the edges still need straightening up!

Carefully trim around the edges, taking care to not cut through the sandwich bag.  Try to leave a small Duck tape edge.  If you do cut through the sandwich bag you can always run a strip of duct tape around the outside edge of the bag so there are no holes in it.

Trim along the top edge, taking care to not cut too close to the zipper closure.  Open up the top to make sure the opening is free of Duck tape.

Now we are going to give the bag a square bottom so it can stand up.

Lay the bag out flat with the opening at the top.

Place your hand inside the bag and with your other hand on the outside of the bag, press the bottom of the bag flat.  When the bottom of the bag is flat the bottom corners will come out in little points (middle photo).

Bend up the little points and glue them to each side of the bag (bottom photo).

It may seem tricky or confusing at first to make the square bottom.  I’ve included some pictures at different angles to help you visualize it.  If you try it out and practice I know you’ll get it!

Side view of bag (top photo).

View of the bag from the bottom before the points were glued up on the sides (middle photo).

View of the bag standing up (bottom photo).

Now we are ready to add the straps.  Cut two lengths of ribbon for the handles.  I made mine long enough to go over the dolls shoulder.  Cut two strips of thin Duck tape longer than the width of the bag.  Place one handle and cover the ends with a strip of Duck tape.  Flip the bag over and place the second handle with a strip of Duck tape, matching it up with the Duck tape strip on the other side.

Glue on the pocket, leaving the top open.

Fill the bag with doll size items.  It is a great size!

Press the zipper closure and it holds everything snug inside.

The back side of the bag has no pocket and is fun and colorful!

The Camp Doll Diaries logo is a great pocket on the front!

Morgan has had an early start but she wants to make sure she has packed everything she’ll need for a summer of fun!

This size of tote has so many possibilities. It will make a great bag for a day at the beach or a weekend trip.  Everything you pack inside will stay put for the journey with the zipper closure!  Cool!

Just in case you are interested, here is a little more about today’s post.

  • Doll-Morgan is AG #25
  • Outfit-Camp Sweatshirt is in the Doll Diaries Etsy store.  Pants are made by Anna.  Headband tutorial is here.  Shoes are from Springfield Collection.

 I heart repurpose crafts for dolls!