Anna here!  It’s the first week of October and time to get out the Halloween decorations!  It can be fun to decorate your doll space along with the different seasons and holiday’s of the year.  Today I have a little decorative wrought iron fence.  Morgan is ready to greet other doll sized trick-or-treaters when the time comes!


At a closer look the decorative details of the fence are actually a little spooky!  What’s even spookier is how easy this fence is to make! 🙂


Let’s see what we’ll need.


  • large popsicle sticks
  • regular popsicle sticks
  • black paint
  • silver paint
  • halloween rings
  • paint brush
  • scissors
  • glue

Building the Fence

Let’s start building the fence.  The large popsicle sticks are going to be the posts.  Glue two regular popsicle sticks perpendicular to the posts.  The regular sticks should only overlap the large sticks half way.  Flip the fence over and place 4 regular sticks between the two posts.


Flip the fence portion over again.  We are adding another post to make the fence section longer.  Place a large popsicle stick out from the fence section we already built.  Glue two regular sticks perpendicular to the posts.


Flip over the fence and glue four more sticks between the  last two posts.  I made two fence sections this size.  If you wanted the fence sections longer you could continue adding to it, in the same way.   Paint the fence black.

Decorating the Fence

Let’s add some Halloween decorations to the fence.  We are going to use Halloween rings.


Pick out a shape you want and clip off the ring with scissors.

It’s time to try out the pile of Halloween shapes on the fence.

After you have the design you like, glue each of the shapes in place.

Coat all of the shapes in black paint, even the black ones.  The black paint will help out later on.  It will make the silver paint easier to rub on.

After the black paint dries it’s time to add the silver details.  Take a dry foam brush and dab the edge in silver paint.  Dab the paint off on a piece of paper until the paint is faint.


Then rub and dab the raised areas of the Halloween shapes with the silver on the foam brush.  Rub the edge of each popsicle stick.

A little stand on each end of the fence section will help the fence stand on it’s own.  Cut one regular popsicle stick into four sections.  Glue the sections together.   This will make one stand to glue to the back, bottom edge of a post.  Repeat and make one more stand to place on the bottom of the post on the other end of the fence section.

I love how the silver paint highlights the Halloween shapes!  I love how the Halloween shapes give the fence an ornate and decorative look!

I love the size!  It makes a great little fence to border a pumpkin patch or a doll’s outdoor patio.

Either way, this little fence will be spooky and fun for Halloween!

Just in case you are interested here is a little more about today’s post.

  • Doll-AG #25
  • Outfit-Shirt and skirt was sewn by Anna.  Spider bracelet instructions are here.

Enjoy crafting through the seasons!