** This is an updated version of the Doll Clothes Pattern resource I posted a few years ago.

doll clothes patterns When I was in middle school I learned how to sew. One of the first things I started making was clothes for my Barbie dolls – boy, do I wish I still had some of those outfits. I haven’t sewn in years, but now that my girls are getting older, I think it might be fun to get them involved and try making some doll clothes ourselves. I have bags of fabric scraps and it would even be a fun way to recycle some of their favorite dresses they have outgrown.


Liberty Jane Patterns has a huge selection of free and for purchase patterns to make modern and historical doll clothes for American Girl dolls, BFC Ink dolls, Karito Kids, and other popular play dolls.

Rosie’s Doll Clothes offers a 6 week online course to teach you how to sew doll clothes but she also has a variety of free and for pay patterns available.

Carpatina has gorgeous patterns to create Renaissance and other period gowns for both their 18″ slim body dolls and 18″ soft body dolls like American Girl.

Emily Rose Doll Clothes has some free patterns for making 18″ doll clothes and they are expanding their pattern collection to include for pay patterns soon, too.

Looking for My Twinn doll patterns? Check Morrissey Dolls for a large selection of patterns to fit the line of 23″ dolls. You can also find some at TheDollPage Marketplace.

DollClothesPatterns.net – this site is totally focused on doll clothes patterns for 18″ dolls like American Girl. She has great tutorials, ideas, projects and tips. This is the first stop you need to make!

Infinite Freedom has a big selection of free doll clothes patterns and even holds sewing challenges for her readers.

Can you knit? Knitting Pattern Central has a huge list of knitting patterns for doll clothes. Their sister site, Crochet Pattern Central has an equally impressive list of crochet patterns for doll clothes.

Allcrafts.net has plenty of free doll making crafts and patterns for crafters of all levels.

Bev’s Country Cottage has plenty of Barbie clothes patterns – some vintage, and patterns for a variety of doll clothes projects.

AGPlaythings also has the original American Girl Doll dress patterns available for print.

My Doll’s Life has safety tested doll notions for all your doll sewing needs – from buttons to zippers to hook and loop to sequins, they are doll sized and safe.

Search Flickr for even more ideas, patterns and pictures of doll patterns and handmade outfits for dolls.

In looking for doll clothes patterns to sew, knit or crochet, here are some of the best store bought patterns and pattern books I have been able to find:

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Doll Sewing Machine image courtesy of Karen Mom of Three.