Over the past few weeks I have have a lot of requests for photos of various dolls next to other dolls for comparison. Obviously there are more dolls to compare side by side, but these are the most requested right now.

Ellowyne, Amelia, Elizabeth, Ellowyne & Rowena

From left to right we have:

Ellowyne and Amelia are 16″ tall with Ellowyne having a more slender, teen like build. The American Girl dolls and the Carpatina dolls are 18″ tall, but the American Girls have soft bodies and the Carpatina dolls are slim bodied and completely vinyl.Β 

As far as prices go – Ellowynes typically run $150 but you can get them on sale for about half that a few times a year; A Girl For All Time dolls are from England but if you buy them in the US online shop they are $140; American Girl dolls are $105 and the Carpatina doll is on sale for $89 right now. Β All four doll lines are truly the top of the line, heirloom quality, worth every penny dolls in my opinion!

Carpatina slim body size vs American Girl size

Rowena and Elizabeth are comparing notes and admiring each other’s dresses. Rowena’s Celtic Princess gown is similar to the original Celtic Princess gown from Carpatina that comes in both AG size and the slim body size but the material is fancier and there are a few extra details around the neck and sleeves. Caroline’s Holiday Dress looks fabulous on Elizabeth and is definitely my favorite one from her collection.

How big are Ellowyne dolls compared to American Girl dolls

The Ellowyne’s look tiny compared to Elizabeth and they do look much older, but they should. They are supposed to be older teens/young adults.

Ellowyne dolls and A Girl for All Time

The Ellowynes and Amelia are the same height but they are built differently. Amelia can not wear Ellowyne clothes, however, with a little modification, Ellowyne’s can wear A Girl For All Time clothes. The skirt from Amelia’s Party Dress has a detachable bustle, so I took off the bustle and was able to snap the skirt in the back for a perfect fit on Ellowyne. Her top is big but I pulled the excess material together and held it in place with a paper clip.

Ellowyne dolls and A Girl for All Time

“You know Caitlyn (what we named Positively Negative), that dress looks pretty nice on you! Next time tie the laces on your boots a little better though – they look silly poking out from under your skirt,” said Amelia with a grin.

Carptaina vs Ellowyne

Again with the Carpatina slim body dolls, they can wear American Girl doll clothes but you may have to take a few things in a bit. The Ellowyne’s and Amelia and Matilda (also from A Girl For All Time) can wear Carpatina slim body clothes with minor temporary alterations. Some of the Carpatina slim body outfits do go on Amelia and Matilda without modifications.

I hope this gives you a better idea of the various dolls, Β how big they are in comparison to each other and what they can wear. I will try to do more comparison posts soon!