Just because you have a certain size or certain brand of doll, it doesn’t mean you are restricted to dress your doll in “her brand’s” clothing exclusively. For example, your 18″ dolls can actually wear some Build-a-Bear clothes and they can share clothes across brands, too. The same goes for the mid-size dolls (13-15″) like Hearts for Hearts, Corolle, Little Miss Match, Groovy Girls, and even some 16″ dolls like Ellowynes, too.

I had a lot of fun doing some clothes swapping with our girls which was inspired by rediscovering our large box of Groovy Girls which hasn’t been opened in years. Expect to see some of the Groovy Girls furniture showing up in future photos, too.

Little Miss Matched Girls, Corolle doll, Hearts for Hearts Girl Lauryce

From left to right we have Tonner Toys Little Miss Matched Girls doll who is 15″ tall, Corolle Les Cheries Camille who is 13″ tall and Hearts for Hearts Girls Lauryce who is 14″ tall. Missy (the LMM doll) is wearing items from her own collection, Camille is wearing Lauryce’s meet dress and shoes (perfect fit) and leggings from Corolle. And Lauryce is wearing a Hearts for Hearts outfit – Rahel’s School Outfit to be exact.

Little Miss Matched Girl wearing Hearts for Hearts Girls outfit

Missy thought that Lauryce’s dress was the cutest thing ever and tried it on along with Camille’s pajama bottoms. The Little Miss Matched Girls are thinner than the other dolls so they can wear H4H and Corolle easily, but H4H and Corolle can not wear as many pieces from the LMM collection.

Corolle Les Cheries wearing Hearts for Hearts Rahel School Outfit

Next up we have Camille wearing the Hearts for Hearts Girls School Outfit (Rahel). It fits her extremely well as the two doll lines are built very similar.

Ellowyne Wilde wearing Hearts for Hearts School Outfit

The big surprise was how well the Hearts for Hearts Girls School Outfit fits the 16″ Ellowyne! The waist on the skirt is a little big, but it fits well in the hips and length. The sleeves are more like 3/4 sleeves, but it looks really good.

Hearts for Hearts Lauryce in Corolle PJs

Lauryce borrowed Camille’s summer pajamas but decided to use Camille’s fuzzy boots as slippers. I think she wears it well! Again, the Corolle Le Cheries 13″ dolls and the Hearts for Hearts Girls at 14″ tall are very close in size and proportions.

Hearts for Hearts Lauryce in Corolle PJs

And Lauryce now thinks she is a supermodel or something in the Corolle jammies. Lauryce is so beautiful that she looks gorgeous in just about anything.

Hearts for Hearts Lauryce and Corolle Camille

Lauryce and Camille looking like sisters in this photo. Lauryce is wearing the Corolle pjs and Camille is wearing her “In the Snow” meet outfit.

Little Miss Matched Girl wearing Groovy Girls

Not to be overshadowed by Lauryce and Camille, Missy shows us her beach look wearing a Groovy Girl skirt and summer top. The Groovy Girls clothes may or may not fit depending on the item. This skirt and top fit the Little Miss Matched Girls, but it was too narrow for the Ellowynes, Corolle and Hearts for Hearts. I tried a set of Groovy Girl pajamas on the girls and the bottoms fit all of them but the top was huge on all of them. Basically, you should not be afraid to just give things a try and see what works.

I will try to do more mix and match, closet swapping photos in upcoming weeks.