It’s 50s week so you know that means we had to make the iconic poodle skirt – after all, there is nothing quite as fashionable to wear to a sock hop as a poodle skirt.  These dolls are ready to go, sporting skirts that were made by girls ages 8-11 using felt and diy fashion products from iLoveToCreate.

You will need:

Step 1 – Cut a circle that is 30 inches in diameter.  We traced a clock to get one this big but you can use a lid to a garbage can or whatever you can find.

Step 2 – Cut a slit from the edge to the center then cut a 4 inch in diameter out of the center for the waist.

Step 3 – Wrap it around your doll’s waist and trim off the excess felt to your liking then add the Velcro pieces to make it stay on. 

Step 4 – To create the poodle, trace the poodle that you can download the free printable at the bottom of this post then adhere your paper to your small piece of felt with Aleene’s  Fabric Fusion Spray.  Cut the poodle out and adhere it to the skirt with the spray too.

Step 5 – To add a leash, either create one with Tulip Fabric Glue OR add one with ribbon using Aleene’s Fabric Fusion Tape to make it stick down wherever you like it.

Isabelle looks so adorable.  If you like her belt, you can make one with Duck Tape by sticking two pieces together and adhering it to her skirt.

Celebrating and remembering the 50’s is one of my favorite themes.  I hope you are having a really fun week at Camp Doll Diaries!

Download the free printable crossword puzzle and poodle pattern.