Karen here and I have been getting ready for the holidays and thought I would share a fun and easy way you can use holiday print fabric to create re useable and reversible place mats for your dolls.

To make your own you will need:

  • Phoomph for Fabric!
  • 2 Types of fabric
  • Scissors
  • Iron and Ironing board (please make sure you have adult supervision)
  • Ruler

Step 1- Assemble all your supplies, set up your iron and ironing board.

Step 2- Iron your fabrics

Step 3- Peel back the Phoomph for Fabric  Backing and apply it to the back side of one of your fabrics.

Step 4- Repeat on the other side with your other fabric

Step 5- Use your ruler to measure 3.5 inches along one side of your fabric covered Phoomph! Cut a long Strip of your Fabric Covered Phoomph at the 3.5 inch mark.

Step 6- Measure your cut piece to 2.5 inches to create your rectangle shaped place mat. Make A cut and repeat on the remaining fabric covered Phooph for as a many place mats as your dolls need! Yours should look like the ones shown in the top right photo above.


I had some extra fabric left over and thought it would be easy to create napkins to match. I sewed mine but you could easily use Aleene’s Fabric Fusion Tape  (which I was out of) to fold the edges of your napkins over and hold them in place.  Cut smaller squares or rectangles out of your fabric and fold or iron the edges as shown in the photo above. Use your tape or sewing machine to keep the edges from fraying.  Fold them or secure in place with a hair band. Lay them next to your dolls plates. * I used the top and bottom lids from my tomato paste as doll plates. These work great for doll play if you have a can opener that doesn’t leave sharp edges.

I look forward to sharing more doll play ideas with you soon!