Last week when we were shopping at the American Girl store in Denver, the girls wanted all of the Halloween outfits (and the hair accessories, the books, the pajamas, etc…)!   We bought one outfit per girl and were inspired to recreate one of them on our own.  It was $30 in the store and we made it for less than $5!  AWESOME!!! We bought supplies at Joann Fabrics and got to work on our DIY project of the day.  Here is a quick picture of the American Girl outfit (in the case) side by side with Zoe and her doll in the one we made.

This is what you will need:  Elastic (orange preferred), tulle cut in one inch strips TWICE the length you want your skirt, orange ribbon, needle, orange thread, orange button and felt Halloween stickers.

Here is how to make the skirt!:

Step 1 – Cut a piece of elastic the length of the doll’s waste plus a little extra.

Step 2 – Sew the elastic into a closed circle and attach an orange button.

Step 3– Tie the tulle and ribbon around the elastic circle, adding as much as you want to get the fullness you like.  You can create a tutu effect or a long flowing skirt.

To make the shirt, we just added a felt sticker to a black doll shirt.  If you don’t have a black doll shirt, you can make one from a black sock.  The tutorial for a sock shirt is here.

We took a pair of inexpensive doll shoes that we had in our stash and created Halloween fashion for doll feet.

Here is how to make the shoes!:

Step 1 – Cut two pieces of orange ribbon (12 inches long)

Step 2 – Attach the ribbon in the middle to the bottom of the shoes.

Step 3–   Add  felt stickers to the shoe tops.

Step 4–   Put the shoes on your doll’s feet and tie the ribbons on top.

Happy Halloween!  Have fun creating your own DIY outfits using whatever craft supplies and materials you can find.  There are lots of ways to make skirts, shirts and shoes so navigate around the Doll Diaries site for lots of inspirations and ideas.  Please share with us what you create.  We love to see what everyone is making and doing with their dolls.