DIY Fashion Shamrocks

St. Patrick’s Day is coming up soon and if you are taking your dolls with you to the parades, you might want to create a little fun for their hair.  Here is a fun project being modeled by Emma and Maria from Springfield Dolls!

You will need:

  • Wooden Hearts (From Darice)
  • Kelly Green Rit Dye
  • Green Buttons
  • Mini Clothespins
  • Green Yarn or String
  • Hot Glue (Ad Tech)

The first step is to dye your wooden hearts in the green dye.  To make your dye bath, mix together the liquid dye with HOT water according to the directions.

Once the hearts are totally dry, use hot glue to put them together with the buttons creating shamrocks onto the mini clothespins.  Use your string or yarn to tie little bows to hide the remaining part of the clothespin.

I pulled her hair back with a little twist then clipped it with the clothespin.  I love the way it pops against Maria’s shiny dark hair and skin.

The adorable boots that they are wearing are from Silly Monkey.  I really do wish they made shoes in a women size seven!

These would also be adorable clipped on to a little handbag or used to make a banner to wave at the parade.

Happy Celebrating and May the Luck ‘O The Irish Be With You,

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  1. Cute!

  2. Hi Laura, that is so neat! I will need to try and use dye on wood, never have tried it before. Thank you for the idea.

  3. agcraftgymnastlover says:

    I know this is random but I’m so happy right now my parents just told me that we might GO TO THE AG STORE IN COLUMBUS FOR MARCH BREAL:-)LOL

  4. Kristen L. says:

    Great craft!

  5. Cool!

  6. Those are so neat!

  7. Cool craft!

  8. agcraftgymnastlover says:

    I’m going to go make this right now!

  9. I see a bit of green………

  10. Very cute!