I’d like to introduce a new member of the Doll Diaries team – Karen of Karen Mom of Three. Karen is a  super creative and crafty doll lover who is going to be sharing doll crafts, reviews, her take on dolls and more on a weekly basis. And now to Karen…

I am so delighted to be a contributing writer to such a great website as Doll Diaries. I am also a proud collector of four American Girl Dolls and one Maplelea Doll. I love dolls. I always have. I have always loved creating for dolls ever since I was old enough to hold a pair of scissors I was cutting up my mothers J-cloths and making outfits for my dolls. What I hope to show you in my posts are creative ways to enhance and play with your dolls. I love to repurpose every day items you find at home, at the craft store, thrift store, yard sale or dollar store into fantastic doll play items. I hope to inspire you to look at every day items in a whole new way.

While I create items for dolls they are not always for my own collection, I am a Mother of three boys but Auntie Karen to 6 young girls. I am constantly creating for my nieces and am inspired by them. I also run a blog called Karen Mom of Three’s craft blog spot at http://karenmomofthreescraft.blogspot.com where I have been updating daily ideas for doll play as well as crafts and patterns to enhance daily life with dolls. Today I would like to share with you one of my favorite doll play ideas and a very successful class I offer in my home town on how to make your own Doll Room.

If you are anything like me you are long on ideas but short on space. This is an easy space saving up cycle craft that can be made easily for under $10. How you decorate and create your doll space is up to you. Here is how I made mine.

Step by step DIY Doll Decor

First I got a cardboard box, I asked my local coffee shop for a box that their store cups came in that was 23 inches high and this box was 40 inches wide. You only really need three sides of the box. You can cut a box to any size you need and I folded in the two sides at 12 inches.

Next I painted the box with Pink dollar store paint; to get a fast and even coat I used a dollar store sponge. I painted two coats of paint, letting each dry about 1 hour between coats and embellishing. Next I created the window, using the window craft photo from the book Doll Play, which was an odd size. However you can get a similar look if you have a calendar from a real estate agent lying around or the Sunday real estate paper you can pick the perfect view for your window. I have also made them with postcards as the “view from my window” which is a great way to reuse a post card and remember a trip you took. I used white paper to create a frame and then I covered it with clear peel and stick shelf paper from the dollar store.

I then sewed matching curtains and hot glued them to the frame. To add “depth” I used self adhesive Velcro (and so I can change the photo if I wanted) and stuck it on the “wall” I then added a border using left over shelf paper from the dollar store, you could paint one or leave it plain. I also cut out the flowers from the shelf paper and used them as decals. To create the horse poster on the wall I used an old greeting card. Greeting cards work great as doll room posters. I also cut out from the American Girl doll catalog doll “photos” and the logo which I covered with clear peel and stick shelf paper and attached them to the wall.

Instructions for DIY doll room

When I was happy with the room, I added the furniture I made from recycled card board boxes and recovered them in a peel and stick shelf paper that matched the room. I am really happy with the way it turned out. The best part is it can all be easily put away and folded when she is done playing with it, and if you get bored with the doll room you can re decorate. I am actually thinking of painting the other side to create a TV room/Kitchen/Dinning room.

All in all the entire room took me about 3 hours to make start to finish. I think it would make a great project for any doll lover. I look forward to sharing more ideas and activities with you next week, be sure to check back soon!

Karen AKA Karen Mom of Three