How exciting…Camp Doll Diaries is having a week filled with FASHION!  Sometimes being fashionable is as easy as creating outfits from colors that you love.

Emily and Kylie, my friends in Iowa, were over and we were playing with Rit Dyes to make t-shirts.  We decided to make outfits for our dolls too so we ran out to Michaels and bought something that we could turn into the colors of our choices and some beautiful colors of dye.

We found pajama sets that could easily be transformed into sundresses so we chose them and brought them home.

The girls took the ribbon off of the dress and got them ready to dye.

Then they dip dyed them in bowls of hot water/dye mix.  If you want the proportions, everything you need to know is on Rit Dye’s website

And hung them up to dry with their other projects.

When they were dry, they dressed their dolls.

and they dressed themselves, and Buddy too.

Rit Dye is so much fun and creates so many fantastic possibilities.  It can dye fabric, wood, leather and so many fun surfaces.  Because it is non-toxic, it is safe for children to work with (although I do recommend adult supervision for the hot water).  It would be fun to use it to create a room for a doll, make curtains, bedding and rugs all to match.  Maybe I will do that next.

Happy Creating and Coloring and Dyeing,