This week on Doll Diaries we are featuring the fabulous company, Buttons Galore and More.  Buttons, Christmas and DIY go together like PB, J and Bread.  We bought a special Christmas tree just for our dolls, to decorate and celebrate the season.  To get it started we worked together to make this Christmas tree garland with Laura Kelly buttons from Buttons Galore.

To make the garland we used

We cut pieces of wire about 24 inches long and each strung buttons and bells, twisting as we went to keep them in place.  We decided to dig the Apple Green and Radically Red buttons out of the mix so it would be more “Christmasy”.

When we were done, we twisted the wire ends to hook them all together.

Then we strung the garland in the tree.

It looks awesome with the lights shining through the holes.  Next we made a tree skirt from an old blanket with Rit Dye, but that project is for next week.  We can’t wait to share that one too.

Happy Creating,