Autumn has arrived which means it is scarf season once again.  Girls that like to dress to match their dolls will love this.  This project is so simple and so seasonally fun too.  All you will need is an old white t-shirt (the bigger the better) and Rit Dye in Tangerine and Lemon Yellow.  We used one of the girls’ daddy’s t-shirts size XL and it worked perfectly.

Here is how to do it!:

Step 1 – Cut the sleeves off of the t-shirt and then cut a 6 inch wide ring from the bottom part of the t-shirt.

Step 2 – The ring will then need to be cut from top to bottom so it maximizes the length of the scarf.  This scarf will be for the girl.

Step 3– You can cut the doll’s scarf however long and wide you want it to be with the remaining part of the shirt.

Step 4 –To make the scarf look like a candy corn, die one end in Lemon Yellow and the other end it Rit’s Tangerine.  Complete directions for dyeing fabric can be found on Rit’s website as well as on the packaging of the bottles.

Another Option is to tie-dye your scarf and dye it in either or both colors.   Zoe dyed her scarf like a candy corn and Caroline’s scarf orange tie-dye.  Jordan did the opposite.

This same process works on doll socks and doll tights.

Which then creates a whole new outfit look for a doll.

Rit Dye is non-toxic and really easy to work with.  I recommend that if you are using it with kids that they wear old clothing and rubber gloves.  It is a GREAT outdoor activity but can also be done in the comfort of the family kitchen.  If you do this project,  save the sleeves!  (You can find a tutorial on how to turn them into doll skirts on  my blog by clicking here!)

Happy Creating Autumn Fashion,