Disney’s Brave Merida Dolls in Stores Now

I had to go to Target this morning which meant a mandatory trip to the doll aisles! I noticed they had one end cap dedicated to Disney‘s upcoming movie Brave and the dolls/toys to go with it.

Disney Brave Merida dolls

Target had everything from dress up gowns to mini figures to the 11″ Disney Brave Merida Fashion Play Doll to the toddler dolls and play sets. Actually I should have picked up the larger doll on the bottom shelf – I’m sure one of our dolls could borrow that dress nicely.

Merida doll

So, Merida is pretty cute – especially those little freckles!! It will be interesting to see what the various licensed versions of her will look like. I just need to give Carpatina Erin a boil perm and have her put on my favorite gowns from Carpatina and we are good!

Brave Merida
Gem Styling Merida has a reversible cape – cute!

So, what do you think of Disney‘s version of Merida? I am so looking forward to the movie!


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  1. I think merida is my new fave! She has crazy curly hair like me!

  2. i already have her

  3. I hope she comes to canada soon!

  4. Oh my goodness she is beautiful I hope I can buy one in Ireland soon.

  5. Caitlin says:

    I’m not sure I like her

  6. Megan aka Megz says:

    she is beautiful!!! i love her!!

  7. She’s so pretty!!! Definetly would have picked up that doll on the bottom shelf! How much was the doll on the bottom shelf(who looks like she’s 18″)?

  8. I love Merida! Personally, I prefer the Disney Store version, in my eyes she looks more like the movie character. The cloth and toddler dolls are also really cute!

  9. Princess Belle says:

    Totally excited the movie, but these Disney dolls….. I’m not sure I like their version of her. But, oh well. There’s a diffrent doll for everyone, right?

  10. I want Meg from hercules Jane from tarzan and Esmeralda from the hunchback to be added to the princess line!

  11. I’m not totally crazy about the Disney version of the dolls either – I am hoping for Tonner version or another doll company to make her special.

  12. They have the tolly tots out! (the toddler disney dolls). Finally! I feel like I’ve been waiting for a toddler Merida doll wearing her tartan forever!
    She’ll be so cute with the rest of my scottish collection, plus I can’t wait for the movie to come out!
    My favorite toddler dolls: Tiana (because she looks like she did in the movie playing dress up), Merida, and the Disney animator version of Aurora, because as a child she would be wearing her peasant dress, not a princess dress (the same with Belle).

  13. COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. She’s cute, but I definitely prefer the Disney store version. Watching for a sale!! Have you seen the Disney store version of the little bears? They are to DIE for cute!! May have to pick them up soon…

  15. madelon says:

    I will have to go Target and check her out!

  16. Omg i want the bottom shelf doll cuz i could make my doll a custom Katniss from the hunger games and give her a bow and arrow

  17. I want to buy the fashion doll and the movie!

  18. I can’t wait to see Brave! These dolls are so cute too!

  19. Char- I’m hoping for ellownes Wilde to make a Merida doll

  20. Me too!

  21. It would be amazing

  22. I hope I love her movie. Plus I have all the princess dolls except Pochauntus, Mulan, Rupunzel, and Merida.which means I got to have them

  23. She has the exact same hair as me! I want her!

  24. marcie91 says:

    I dont own any of those but I own the toddler doll from the Disney store website. She is super cute. I am way to excited for this movie.

  25. How much is the doll on the bottom shelf?

  26. Oh, I forgot to look. She is cute though.

  27. I like the versions from the DisneyStore better – and they are better quality! The 12″ doll from Disney is especially cute, and movie-accurate too.

  28. is the one in the bottom middle the toddler or the animator’s collection? she’s my favorite. I want her and the animator’s collection Rapunzel. as a character, I love her curls, but I’m not fond of how they turned out in the one’s you have closer pictures of, I feel like they’ll get really frizzy/messy fast

  29. caroline says:

    she looks a little bit to unreal in my opinion.

  30. What a cutie!

  31. aglover says:

    hmmm i might pick the toddler doll tomorrow

  32. Meline – no, she’s not. You can find her on Amazon or the DisneyStore site. :)

  33. I have been interested in the Merida dolls, but have yet to see them. Thanks for the pics, might have to see them in person, and compare them to the DisneyStore version.

  34. Oh wow! I want to see Brave SOOOOOOOOOOO-OOOOO bad! XD 😀 I can’t wait.

  35. I Love the disney Store Version And the target version I Saw those cute little toddler dolls at the disney store I Wanted one more than an american girl Doll mckenna. Espically I Liked the Way they all looked Innocent! Cuter Than A Baby Alive!