Disney Store Limited Edition Merida 18″ Doll

Disney Store Limited Edition 18" Merida doll

While I am patiently waiting for other companies to release their licensed versions of Merida, the newest star in the Disney line up, I have to say that this Limited Edition Merida Doll from the Disney Store is pretty nice!

Limited Edition Merida Doll -- 18'' HShe is certainly not a play doll and stands 18″ tall – but is not a soft-body doll, rather more of a fashion doll like my favorite Ellowynes. Here are some of her details courtesy of the Disney Store:

  • Ebony gown of sumptuous velvet
  • Gown accented with pleated gold organza at cuff and collar
  • Skirt is finished with a wide band of satin, flocked in a tonal black Celtic-inspired pattern and edged in rich piping detail
  • Wide belt around waist, adorned with a repeating Celtic knot pattern in gold embroidery
  • Buckle features an iconic three-bear motif from the film
  • Sash is made of the navy and green plaid tartan belonging to Merida’s family
  • Cloak features jet-black faux fur satin lining featuring a repeating Celtic pattern and closure mirroring belt buckle
  • Mass of fiery red curls framing Merida’s determined expression
  • Iconic bow featuring intricate carved-in details
  • Display stand included
  • Plastic /polyester
  • 18” H
  • Ages 6+
  • Imported
  • Includes Certificate of Authenticity
  • Limited Edition of 7000

I love that this version comes with such detail and of course, her bow and arrow and sword. Her price tag is well, pricey, at $99.50, but I would expect to pay that or more from any of the high end doll designers like Tonner.

You can purchase the Limited Edition 18″ Merida now at the Disney Store Online, but purchases are limited to one per person.

Some of the other options for Merida dolls right now – specifically for play, include: (click on image or title for ordering information).

Which one do you like best?

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  1. firstie! I some of the barbies at toysrus

  2. Secondie! I don’t think I will get any of them but I might try to make my own!

  3. I love the doll, I have the toddler one at home.

  4. *The toddler one from the Disney Store, the one with the smirk.

  5. Anastasia says:

    They are all very pretty, but I like the Classic BRAVE Merida doll, and the BRAVE Merida doll the most.

  6. qtlol10 says:

    Yeah, the toddler one is SO cute, though the limited edition is so beautiful!

  7. funny you posted this i’m going to see the movie brave this afternoon

  8. I think that too many of the Merida dolls look very girly or have weird facial expressions. I like the one that I have which is the 11″ Classic Brave doll. I’d strongly recommend it. Be careful with the bow though. It breaks easily.

  9. Megan!!!!!! says:

    ok the limited edition one looks ugly!!!!!! but i LOVE both of the toddler ones!!! there SO cute!!!!!

  10. I like the toddler dolls best.

  11. Ohhh! I want her! either the 18” or 11”. There is a Disnay store about 30min. away from me in Kenwood. I was wondering if they would have any dolls of her.

  12. I rember seeing the adventure brave girls outfit at the Disney store it was beautiful it would make a great mid evil Halloween costume

  13. i think merida is so amazing looking on screen that the dolls just cant do her justice! none of them can capture her true beauty that can only be seen in the movie.

  14. definitely the limited edition….
    but you know why they call it limited?
    because you have limited money to spend :(

  15. Merida is very pretty.

  16. I like the Classic Brave doll. May get her instead of a Girls of Many Lands doll. I am really into archery, have red hair, and LOVE all things Disney Pixar. I hear she is very pose able. I think the limited edition is pretty, but I wish she was smiling. I have the Merida small doll and I love her! I just wish she had freckles like the classic doll.

  17. kristin says:

    I like all the brave dolls. The toddler doll with the smirk is just precious. I wonder if disney will come out with an animator’s doll of Merida?

    Char, do you know if there is a difference between the toddler dolls and the animator dolls? The toddler dolls are sold at disney stores, but the animator dolls are sold at disney parks, but they appear to be the same doll. Do you know?

  18. The animator dolls are sold at the Disney stores as well and the difference is that 2 of Disney’s most famous animators designed the animator’s dolls. The faces are different from than the regular toddler dolls.

  19. She is so cute but I don’t think I’ll be buying her. I really like the plus version of her.

  20. i like the toddler i am seeing the movie today

  21. kristin says:

    Lani- thanks foe the info. The animator dolls are not sold at any of the local disney stores in our area. The clerk told me they have to be ordered from disney or either purchased at the park. Maybe they will soon be available for purchase in my area. Hope so!!!

  22. I like all the Merida dolls by Disney. The Mattel ones are not really to my liking.

  23. they all look so cute

  24. the one with the hore is really cute but i probaly wont be getting any

  25. *horse

  26. Omgshes so pretty! I need the 11″ one

  27. Good one Heather, sounds like something my dad would say.

    Char, was it Daydream Doll Boutique that had matching princess outfits? Merida reminds me a little of Katniss, so of course she’s an interesting princess!!

  28. Okay, no it wasn’t. I need to find it still… it’s on the tip pf my tounge..

  29. i saw the movie it was scary and sad