Disney Princess Christmas Ornaments

Disney Princess Cinderella Doll Ornament with Holiday Gown
Each of my kids has a set of ornaments that are themed that I add to each year. I have been buying the Holiday Barbie ornaments to go with my older daughter’s collection of Holiday Barbies each year. For my younger daughter I collected as many of the Hallmark American Girl Ornaments I could once they were retired.

My youngest has always had a special place in her heart for the Disney Princesses. I just found this very pretty series of Princess ornaments from Disney – I love the extra dramatic dresses. This series is also special because it is the first series to feature the new Princess, Tiana. Something tells me I may have to start a new collection for her!

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  1. Firstie!! Woo hoo! I love these ornaments, they are so adorable! I like the Mulan and Jasmine ones.

  2. secondie! wow i love their dresses!!

  3. Thirdie!

  4. OMG, I have the Ariel song stuck in my head.
    I don’t know when, I don’t know how, but I know something right now! What shall I see, Wish I could be, a part of there world!!! 😆

  5. Fifthie! (: I like Belle and her dress. (:

  6. I don’t really like disney.

  7. priscilla says:

    ooh, i luv mulan & jasmine’s dresses!!

  8. priscilla says:

    oh and tiana’s!

  9. Are you guys going to see the princess and the frog?

  10. ava,my little sister wants to,so yeah i probaly will go with her,not sure when,though.

  11. It looks like a good movie.

  12. oh, the reason sometimes my name is purple and sometimes it’s not is becuz on my dad’s computer i don’t have the website thing filled out

  13. I love these ornaments! I get an ornament each year. I’ve gotten Holiday Barbies for a few years and got a Little Mermaid one last year. I have a christmas tree in my room for my dolls and I want to decorate it with Disney Princesses. Ava, my mom, grandma and I are planning to go see the Princess and The Frog. We are super excited for it! We love Disney.

  14. Thanks alot Sallie! Up where they walk up where they run, up where they stay all day in the sun wondering free wish I could be part of your world!!!!

    Why do they not make Anastasia ornaments? Or Swan Princess? [I know they’re not Disney]!

  15. Erica, they don’t make them because they arne’t Disney. The whole point is to make Disney girls into random stuff.

    Also, with Anastasia they’d get a lot of really angry people becuase that movie was so histoically innacurate.

  16. I agree Lena, I’m a big Anastasia fan and I love her era!(reason why I got rebecca). And the movie was definetely so innacurate! People think that she really did escape but the truth is she didn’t:( She died with her family on that fateful night. When the girl who claimed she was Anastasia Romanov, died, scientists discovered her DNA did NOT match the Russian princess. So yeah…

  17. The impostor’s name was Anna Anderson. And no, she was not the Grand Duchess Anastasia Nicholaevna of Russia. That and,…..

    They did not celebrate the 300th aniversary in 1917.
    She was not 8 in 1917, she was 16.
    St Petersburg was called Leningrad after the revolution, until 1991.
    The Dowager Empress went to Denmark after the rvolution.
    The Romanovs never lived in the Catherine Palace, they lived in the Alexander Palace.
    Rasputin had nothing to do with the revolution, the ladies of the court all liked him, and most important, he was dead before the fall of the Romanovs.
    Anastasia was NOT A PRINCESS!!!! She was a Grand Duchess!!!!!

    *steps off of soap box*
    I had to rant. But for all its worth, the movie did have good music and very nice effects.

  18. Yeah, I hated the cartoon version. Wait did they even say she had a brother in the movie? The Tsarvitch? And yes Rasputin DID die before the fall of the Royal Family, but the part about the family thinking he was a holy man was true, right?

  19. They showed Alexei a few times, but didnt really refer to him. Or his haemophilia. Or that Rasputin was so respected in court because he could cure him and make him smile again. And yes, he was technically a priest.

  20. Or… monk….. something religious.

  21. Rasputin looked kinda creepy in the movie…