As manufactures make improvements we take notice!  So let’s check out what has happened to the Journey Girls line of dolls …

Our two models are Kelsey and Meredith.  Kelsey is a borrowed doll from a special friend, Simone.  Kelsey has been loved for several years at least 4 so she had a little makeover from Dr Di.   Meredith is a 2014 doll.  At a quick glance the differences are not apparent, but let’s take a closer look.

One of the first noticeable changes is the right hand, notice that the shape is different.  The index finger is separate and higher than in the new version.  The new shape allows for better hold of items. There is no change to the left hand.

Look closely and you will find the vinyl tone has also changed.  The new vinyl is a little darker and closer to a realistic color.

The newer version JG dolls are slightly taller, even with a hat on Kelsey is a little shorter.  The hair quality has not changed, it is still full and nice to brush.

Now let’s look at the shape of the face, the newer dolls do have a fuller face.  Although not all the dolls received a new smile, they do have a fuller shape and the lip color is slightly darker.

This is the biggest difference between the older versions and the new JG version, the body.  The newer version has a fuller body, not only is the upper breast vinyl top wider,  it is fuller.  You can actually see what causes the height differences in this comparison.

A closer look at the fabric used for the body, the newer version has a stronger fabric material, it is also fuller.   This allows for the doll to stand better and sturdy.

These comparisons actually provides for a better quality doll, and I actually like the newer version of Journey Girls.

Are you ready for the new Journey Girls doll collection?