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Diana has been having a lot of fun with all things royal lately and there is quite a collection of mini features in my inbox from her that need to be shared. ENJOY!!


What do you see in a chair?  As I wander the aisles of my nearby Goodwill, I do not really go in with any expectations of finding anything.  But my keen eyes are always wandering and sending messages to my brain, has that occurred to you?

So there it is a wooden chair!  Only $2.92, perfect size for my 18″ dolls, so the light bulb in my head lights up!  The chairs goes home and to the workshop.

Recognize it?  The makeover to a Throne for the Magical Kingdom to be explored.

Here are the princesses in line for the Throne. Who will be crowned the princess of the Magical Kingdom?

Princess Alissa of Arcadia?

Princess Jessica of Cordelia?

Princess Dabbie of Babylon?

Fun Facts:

  • Jessica and Alissa are from the Just Pretend and Stardust Collection dolls with dresses from the Alissa Collection
  • Dabbie is AG with outfit from AG
  • Background from AG 

On one of my finds I came across a Porcelain doll (which I normally stay away from) who got my attention.  She has approximately the body build and size of the slim line dolls.  She was also wearing the most beautiful royal dress and cape.  Her hair was tied up in a bun, and she looked like she need some TLC.  I found her at Goodwill.

After cleaning her up and re-doing her hair, she seemed to be at home.  I actually re-did her hairdo, and made it a have curls.

A close up look at this gran lady – Princess Mary as I have named her.

Mary decided to share her dress with Princess Alissa. So as Princess Alissa takes her throne she wears the borrowed dress.

A closer look at Alissa in the red dress.  Do you think she wears it well?

Alissa poses for her portrait which will hang in the Royal Ball room.

So maybe Kat from Stardust is not wearing a princess gown per se, but she is just stunning in her Victorian Era gown, parasol and all.

What a beauty!!