I love learning something new everyday and thanks to our fabulous Doll Diaries community I usually do! Over the weekend Diana found an 18″ doll at the store Tuesday Morning and while she looks an awful like the Madame Alexander Favorite Friends, Dollie & Me, Playwonder (and other variations of the MA face mold), it turns out that she is not.

Here is a photo shot of Olivia – Diana’s new find at Tuesday Morning.  She stands on her own wonderfully, has a good weight to her and her face is so sweet.

Olivia as Diana found her at Tuesday Morning in her box ($14.99 originally $29.99).  She also took a picture of the back of the box, since apparently there is a collection of these dolls.

Olivia is saying hi to Sarah.  Sarah was relaxing in the swing (Diana made the swing) enjoying the beautiful Sunday morning.

Close up of Olivia and off she goes to the photo shoot.

Olivia holding the beautiful TY Bear.  Also a Tuesday Morning find, it was on clearance from $2.99 to $1.19.   Here she shows her body, notice how full it is and it has a waistline.

Olivia in Pink!  The flowers and bushes are in bloom, so what a perfect pix near the Azalea bush in her polka dot pink outfit from Harmony Club.  This is one of Diana’s favorite outfits, it is really a top and skirt.  She is also wearing the pink sandals from Walmart.

So, if Olivia looks like a Madame Alexander 18″ doll, but she isn’t one, what is she? Thanks to Maxine from My Doll Best Friend, we now know that she is a Paradise Kids doll. 

See, you learn something new everyday!! Olivia is a beautiful doll and was a great deal for Diana to find.