How would you like to have a chance for a makeover and a second chance as to what you look like?  Well, that is exactly what happen to my previous My Twinn doll.   I decided to give  My Twinn 18″ doll a second chance  for a makeover.  So off she went back and I requested to have a Doctor call me, since it was obvious that the first doll was switched at birth…   I did get a call and I was very specific not only in the letter to them but in verbal communications as to what had to be changed…almost everything.  I also made it very easy for them by specifically pointing out the face mold I wanted from their catalog and the wig I wanted from their picture catalog. Let’s take a look at what happened….

My request was to use the face mold of the doll above and the wig of the doll above, the hair color was dark brown, eyes were to be kept the same brown/green and most important eyebrows need to be the same as the doll I was returning.

As soon as she arrived, she went into curlers, because her hair was not wavy nor curly at all.  As with all my other dolls  I did not think this to be a problem, I would just apply the “Diana’s Touch” in styling her hair.

After an overnight of wearing the curlers, there was no impact to her hair, straight as can be, not an ounce of curl.  Although the hair is very nice and soft, I had also requested a wig with a side part, this one had no side part.  As I styled the hair to one side the white wig cap can be seen, yes white not dark brown.

The back view of the hair, the tips have an upper slant, which is how the wig came, again the curlers had no impact.

Let’s take a closer look at her face, they did change the face to a fuller face not narrow and pointed like before.  The eyes stayed the same and now both eyes have the same shape.  In the previous face mold one eye was smaller then the other.  The eyebrows  were not done the same, you will see that later.

I wanted to test how well she sat, and she did just fine.  The legs were not spread apart.

A change of clothes to a more informal look and a change of hair style.  Since I have come to realize it will not be curly, I played around with barrettes for a different look.

Still playing with her look using different angles. Is she photogenic?

Next to my American Girl Dabbie, you can see the difference in body proportions, as well as head size compared to the body.  The American Girl wins on this comparison.

A closer look at facial comparison and expression. Which is more appealing to you?

Now for the before and after!  Let’s put aside that the My Twinn will never look or resemble the pictures I originally sent in, and let’s take note of:  Did they listen to the customer?  The eyebrows are not the same which I can not understand since they had the doll in their hands.  The wig was not even close to what I requested in the picture from their own catalog.  So after seriously looking at this second chance doll, I have decided to keep her and she will be part of my soft body collection.  I have named her Natalie, since that is a name I have always liked from the actress Natalie Woods, for those that remember her.    She is unique and somewhat of my creation, and she has been welcomed into  my doll family.

I would love to hear your opinions…