Known for her amazing doll rescues and restorations, Diana has been on vacation for a bit, but now she is back and I have some updates to share with you.

Who can they be?  They are two Gotz dolls both are brunette with blue eyes.  The one on the left is 23 inches and her face mold was used for various dolls by Gotz, she can be found with blonde hair and blue eyes or blonde hair with brown eyes like Florentine (previous posted on Doll Diaries).  I am naming her Lissy. The right hand doll has the body like the American Girl yet the legs are thinner and feet are smaller. Although I have not been able to identify her completely the knit top she wears come from an outfit made by Gotz for the Precious Day Collection.  This doll was probably part of the Precious Day Collection.  I have named her Jenny.

Before and after the restoration of Lissy, she is 23 inches.  Gotz and Martha Pullen produced dolls and Martha Pullen designed the clothing and at times signed the dolls.  Lissy is a signed Martha Pullen doll.

Before and after the restoration of Jenny, she is 18 inches.  She too is part of the joint venture of Gotz and Martha Pullen.  Jenny is also signed by Martha Pullen.

Close up of Lissy.

Close up of Jenny.

On Diana’s vacation trip to South Florida, she was able to find some cute items and best of all take some nice pictures.

What a great way to relax.  This hammock held by two palm trees was found at a Goodwill in Port St Lucie, it makes for a perfect picture in sunny South Florida.

Umbrellas are not only for rainy weather, here Dabbie needs one to stay cool and not sun burnt.  Dabbie is wearing an outfit found at Cracker Barrel on sale for 25% off.  The Umbrella (shaped as a Butterfly) is also from Cracker Barrel, from their doll collection called Butterflies.  Outfits range from $9.99 – $12.99.

Purple flowers are so pretty! Franca found these beautiful flowers while taking a hike around my Aunt’s backyard.  Franca is wearing an outfit from Walmart, which is perfect for hiking or camping.  It comes with shorts, top, socks, boots and head bandanna.  Outfit was $9.99 at Walmart.

Franca was fascinated by the red hot peppers she found in the vegetable garden.

Dabbie was so excited to find this sign she had to have a picture with it.  She found this at the TGIF restaurant while getting a bite to eat.  What a unique picture.

It’s so great to get an update from you Diana! I have a few more posts to share from Diana over the next few days, as well.