If you shop Goodwill or Thrift stores you just never know when you might find your next dolly treasure! Diana sure was lucky on a recent Goodwill trip:

Diana found this cute doll recently at her Goodwill for $2.50. She was marked Madame Alexander 2007 so she did a little research and found that she is Madame Alexander Girlz for 2007 only sold at Costco for $25.  

This is a photo from the Internet that Diana found and used as her guide for doing her hair. She cleaned her up and did her hair like it was originally from the pictures she found.  She is in mint condition.  What Diana finds so beautiful is her face which seems to be the vintage model from Madame Alexander and she did not have to add any stuffing, she has good weight and can stand on her own, just like AG.  She does have the 3/4 cloth body.

Here is another find for $1.21, her legs are articulated and she can stand on her own. This is after Diana cleaned her up and did her hair.  Did not know who she was but she makes a great smaller sister for the 18 girls.  Her hair is really red, she has sleepy eyes and a full cloth body and her arms are not articulated.

Diana’s two finds side by side. What a great deal she got!!

Have you had any luck finding dolls at Goodwill, thrift stores or yard sales? What was your best find?