DesignherGals.comIn my web travels last week, I came upon one of those sites that you just can’t help but share with your friends! It is called Design-her Gals. It is kind of like playing dress up but is also one of the coolest, unique gift ideas I have seen this year, and its proceeds are used to raise money for the Gal to Gal Foundation.

At Designher Gals you create your own gal – a child, teen/young adult, grown up, or mommy with a bump. You pick her features such as hair color and style, eye color, skin color and such. You also choose her clothes, accessories and “attitude”. Once you have created your gal, you can send her as an e-Card for free or turn her into personalized stationery, stickers, t-shirts, invitations and other gifts that look like you or your friends.

Go check it out! But make sure you have a block of time set aside, because once you start playing and creating your gal pals, it is hard to stop!